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    amino2 Guest

    Default opener then what?

    So i have found an opener that I am working the hell of to calibrate it. Once I open I really don't know where to go next.

    Here's what I do: I walk up to my set, start talkin as I pass them slightly "hey you ladies look like experts that could help me out! Dont worry I wont take too long!" I get some curiosity and some resitance but plow thru. I say " im doin a social experiment and you are the perfect demographic, I need you to reject me!" This is usually met with shock and amazement, but almost always with intrigue. I usaully get asked why would you want to get rejected? umm? So I convince my set to give me a creative response at which point its usually just no or whatever. (never had anything creative yet)

    At which point I feel its time to transition I say I wont take too long but I have a funny story bout rejection. I tell them a story bout a guy at a bar who danced by himself brought a chair up and ended up having 3 diff girls sit on the chair for him before the song ended. So I proced to tell that a few weeks later I was a lil buzzed and thought that would be a good idea. So i start dancing, the dj announces "hey ladies, this guy needs someone to dance with" so I grab a chair and continue. The only person that comes up is security to take the chair off the dance floor. (true story actually)

    As I finish this story The ladies always giggle and are like O snap. but I say hey you know what it was really fun and I took a chance that I would do again cuz thats what im all about: fun and takin chances.

    So my questions here are guys:
    1) when they ask why am I coming to talk with them to get rejected? What is the best way to answer that question.
    2) Once the opener and funny story is over what do i say next, cuz so far im just like ok it was fun, bye.

    P.S. Each time I have done this I have recieved ioi's
    i.e. the girls have started asking me questions about myself and I have noticed their body language suggest there openness toward me

    Thank you gentlemen!

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    delishis Guest

    Default Re: opener then what?

    First, I really like that opener. It shows a lack of interest/IOD to the group, and disarms them right off the bat. You also seem to be making good use of false time constraints. Kudos.

    Second, it seems to me that you should lead into a dhv routine from there. The set is obviously hooked. One I like to use talks about me training my cat to do dog tricks. It really gets girls going, since it shows that I am a compassionate guy, and obviously able to take excellent care of my pet (which translates to: I'm good at taking care of things/people/babies/animals/etc). The transition might be a little rough, but with a little calibration, you should be able to come up with something really useful. BTW, Mystery says that the best transition is no transition, and to just go right into your next routine.

    On the other hand, you might want to follow up with something loosely related. Idunno. Whatever works for you, man. The important part is to find something that is congruent with your identity.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: opener then what?

    Yes mystery does say this and I have to say that at some point you can only stack so high that you cant add anything else. Once your hooked is when it gets hard and at that point I don’t think you should be stacking, but building attraction. Bill just added a section on transitions to the Vibe. Check out his link for the preview he gives you the full module on transition. Take 15 minutes check it out it will help.

    A few tips for the first part: your verbage is important. So instead of saying I wont take long, say I am meeting my friends in a minute but im running a social experiment where I could use your opinion blah blah blah. When you do that it gives the same affect but it also shows that you have social value. Same thing before the story, say something like OMG real quick that reminds me of this story I once heard blah blah blah.

    Q1- I do a similar bombing opener and if they ask why I smile and say I need to get failure out of the way. Then just smile. If they are asking you this is an ioi and should be taken as such. Answer it however you want, but I like to build a bit of interest and make them chase it out of me. Making them invest and moving on up the ladder.

    Q2- This is where the real transition is. You have to be willing and able to insert a new thread into the conversation. Like I said bill added info on this inside the vibe and the preview is free! Go watch it. I like the idea of changing questions to statements. Like your seem nice, must not be from around here. Or something like that. Also you can make some type of observation about her or the group. I have don’t cold reads in this case before. I wrote a post a while back about it.

    If your getting IOIs and good body language. Don’t run away from it. Force yourself to stay in it for a few more minutes and get yourself out of you comfort area and push yourself.

    Keep it up dude! Sounds like you making great progress/

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