What should you do if you go up to a woman and attempt to interact with her but she says "Get lost!" or exhibits an abrasive attitude towards you? Well some say to hang in there while others advise to simply move on. So who is right? Before I give you the answer, let me present another example to you.

Suppose that you had a date with a woman but screwed up the interaction by acting nervous, approval seeking or by either making excessive advances at her or not taking advantage of any open window of opportunity that she presented to you, to move in closer and escalate the touch with her, thereby causing her to say: "You're a nice guy but I am just not attracted to you. We can be friends though!". Ouch! sledge hammer to the chest!. In this instance, can you salvage the interaction or is it over for good?

Let's go ahead and address both of these situations, starting with...

The First Scenario. Upon the Approach

In response to a woman saying "Get lost!"

You can say --"You know, every time I get lost somewhere, I always seem to find my way back. Plus, "Get lost" is such a juvenile thing to say, coming from a visibly apparent adult female. You should say- "F---- OFF" but then again if you say that, it will turn me on. I forgot to mention that I love bitchy women with attitude!" ( non verbals-Make sure you deliver this with a flirtatious facial expression, a piercing gaze and a sly smile)

Notice how you are displaying such coolness and calmness by your sense of humor in spite of her harsh reaction and also subtly poking fun at her behavior? This is exactly the attitude you need to have. In other words, the one of
"I've been told worse by better" or " Yeah Yeah chicks always put up some sort of stupid resistance to feel good or important, but then always give in to me eventually. So too will this one".

As a result, it will get your target to laugh, open up to you and even start to feel a tingling sensation down her spine for you, especially if she was just Sh1t testing you, to see if you would buckle like a beta drone or be unaffected by her initial reaction. You can then continue the interaction as if nothing happened. Lucky for us, most women have a Bitch Shield initially to ward off unwanted beta sperm, but are not genuinely hateful creatures and having the confidence to deal with their initial abrasive responses to your presence will turn the interaction in your favor-the majority of the time! I promise you!

So I hope that it is quite evident now that a no doesn't mean a no, but a not yet. Also remember that a woman can't possibly allow each and every man out there to be with her. She only wants to interact with and eventually mate with a male who is Alpha. How does she determine if we are Alpha or not? One of the best ways is to test us by being crude, difficult, reject our advances and see if we are a Top dog salesman with the tenacity of an Alligator's jaw((Alpha) or a loser who gives up at the first sign of resistance (Beta)

Now what if, in spite of our persistence and logistical efforts to override a woman's initial negative reaction, she continues to sport a bitter attitude towards us? Well then in this case, you are dealing with a socially retarded, self hating person who needs love, attention and help. Say this to her, before you exit the interaction because that is what you need to do, when you are dealing with this type of woman.

"I am sorry that you feel the need to be rude to others as an outward response to your own self-hate. I hope you find happiness and peace within yourself soon. Have a nice day".

Get it? Good. The bottom line is this-You need to determine if a woman's initial reaction is a Sh1t Test of your Alpha ness or an actual in bred attitude. The way to do this, is to hang in there and try to turn the interaction around and not give up and walk away with your tail between your legs prematurely as most men do. Furthermore, lucky for us most women sport a bitch shield as a Sh1t test and are not self and people hating bitches by nature.

Consequently, if you can pass a woman's Sh1t test by being unreactive, cool and confident and then continue to game her, as if you walked up to her and she gave you CFM eyes and not a sour reaction, then you can turn her abrasiveness into lust within minutes.

The Second Scenario-You screwed up the date! Can you do damage control or is it too late?

Let's say you are out on a date with a woman and you screw it up by escalating the interaction with her too quickly, or not at all or by acting nervous and excessively complimentary thereby getting her to make the all so common statement to you:

"You're a nice guy but I don't see you in that way. We can be friends however".

In this situation, can we recover our plane from some bumpy turbulence?

Once again the way to find out if we can or can't is to remove the Beta pilot and replace it with the Alpha pilot allowing him to steer the plan back on course and see if the turbulence goes away. In other words, act cool, confident, indifferent to her, unreactive to her beauty and/or looks and start to:

* Bust her balls

* Display a great sense of humor

* Chat up women in the nearby vicinity and get your date to see that you are socially proofed by the opposite sex

* Demonstrate your personality.

Now, If your date starts to give you indicators of interest then you know that the interaction was salvageable at that point. Also please note that If a woman does start to give you subtle hints that she is becoming attracted to you or is flirting with you, after you change course and get on the right path of demonstrating Alpha traits and mannerisms then just pick her up, throw her against the wall and start making out with her.

I am only partially kidding, although I have done this many times without resistance. The point here is to escalate the touch with her and close the space with her so that she sees you as "Potential Lover" material and not "Just Friends" material. In addition, when you do attempt to cross that path that so many men don't dare to cross, you really have to just go for it with complete confidence and congruency for it to seem natural and not creepy to a woman.

However if you are not comfortable "cave-man-ing" her like this then simply escalate the touch with her by putting your arms around her, or by getting close to her if you are both sitting on a couch. Remember, she expects you to escalate the interaction with her, once she gives you an open window as suggested by her growing interest in you. If you do nothing, then you will be closeted into the "Just friends" space permanently.

Now let's say that you did exhibit attractive qualities and employ the attraction strategies I outlined above but didn't make a move on her and then ended the date in this manner. Is there a way to do some damage control and get her to meet up with you again where you can learn from your mistakes and escalate the interaction with her or are you done for good?

Once again you don't know until you attempt damage control so in this case, pick up the phone, call her up and suggest a second meeting

The Right Vs Wrong Way to ask a woman out for a second time if the first time wasn't all that great!

1. Wrong way. "So I was wondering if we can go out again?". Every guy asks her this and it will position you as the one trying to seek rapport with her. Recall that in any interaction, the one who is attempting to seek rapport with the other is of low value and women are not attracted to low value exhibiting men.

2. The Right way.

You: "Hi Melanie...you know I forgot to mention to you that you had a water hand when I met you. I thought you may want to know what that is".

Melanie: "Okay, what is it?"

You: "I am going to grab a coffee at the Starbucks on ABC Avenue, let's meet there in 1 hour and I will tell you what it means. I actually have to see and feel your hand again"

Now if she agrees then it is on and you can use this second chance to escalate your interaction with her, meaning close the space with her and escalate the touch with her.

If on the other hand she says " No way I am not getting together with you again or I am busy" then it is not worth salvaging at this point and hence better for you to move on to the next woman, however learn from this one what to do and what not to do.

Note: There will be a much greater chance to salvage the interaction and get a woman to meet up with you, if you acted in an attractive manner however didn't escalate the interaction with her than if you did not exhibit attractive qualities at all and acted like a total dweeb or a beta pilot as stated above.

If you were beta throughout then say goodbye to your chances of getting her to meet up with you, for the most part. However, you can still learn what you did wrong so that you can adjust your approach for the next time you are out with a woman and have a successful outcome.

Remember, there is no such thing as failure if you learn from all of your mistakes.

Until next time, get out there and be a man.