J The Ripper Show #25!

Featuring: DJ Fuji, Decibel, Envy, Troublesome and SEXTER!

*DJ Fuji joins in and explains what it takes to be a coach.

*I hated coaching for Love Systems and Vince Kelvin

*DJ Fuji goes over the Sexter feud and...(CANT MISS THIS!!!)

*Sexter comes on the phone and discusses the Fuji feud and who started it.

*Sexter reminds us he is trained in martial arts (with photo)

*Sexter goes over his "Flashing Game" Method

*Envy confronts Decibel about being a coach and tells him not to quit his day job

*Troublesome takes MMA classes to deal with confronting the girls he games at the club!

All this and MUCH MUCH MORE!!