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    Default Strip Club Waitress

    I opened a waitress (I’d say an HB7) at a strip joint and negged her along with minor kino as well (I asked to high five me a few times). I was sitting at the bar where she takes breaks in between offering drinks to the customers. She laughed a lot as my playful side shined. During the biggest laugh I got from her (I said “I swear I don’t know why I have so many ones.” We were at strip club.) Her torso went back, totally opened her mouth to laugh, made eye contact, and clapped once. Body language wise…I’m not sure if this particular reaction means anything. I have no illusions and know she gets hit on a lot but I was the only one she was high fiving and laughing to the extent that she was.

    However, despite having this playful interaction and negging her, I couldn’t p-close. She said that she dropped her phone in the water and had to order a new one (I did give her my BS look). She then proceeded to ask me to come back the following weekend. Now, I don’t know if she likes the interaction but at this point is only comfortable at work and really did drop her phone in the water and is showing an ioi or if she’s treating me like any other AFC and just asking to come back to spend money there or using me to make her night go by faster. I’m interpreting her statement as treating me like an AFC. Accordingly and like an idiot, I asked if she worked Saturdays. As she starting to walk away I did get a hug from her and negged one final time with “man, you’re so rude” and we walked away on a high note as she laughed in our final exchange as we both walked away.

    Q1: Should I go back this weekend? If I don’t go this weekend, it will be 3 weeks until I go back because I’ll be out of town the following weekend (going to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico). I guess a true alpha would do this and she happens to still be there, then good, if not, then I guess that’s tough luck.

    Q2: If and when I go back and she is there, should I just put my phone in her hands and tell her to give me her # or what approach would be best in this situation? What should I say when she most likely says that she still doesn’t have her phone? Like “I still haven’t ordered/received my new phone” or whatever else she might say to avoid giving her number.

    Right now I’m leaning on going back and wait for her to acknowledge me this weekend but negging her big time and bringing up the phone thing with a neg right off the bat with something along the lines below…

    When she approaches me I say “Oh sorry I can’t talk to you because I dropped my phone in the water. Now doesn’t that sound like a pathetic excuse? If she looks upset, nudge her on the shoulder and say “Aww don’t get bummed out you still tonight to make it up to me.”

    “I decided to come back to give you one last chance to make it up to me because of how poorly you left things last time. I mean really, who drops phones in the water? I’m surprised you haven’t dropped any drinks.” (This may be to wordy and harsh but it’s all playful.)

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    Default Re: Strip Club Waitress

    since i wasnt there i cant tell if she really wants you to go there again. Now if 3 weeks pass by and you go back she might not remember you or not be clear about what happened that night.

    hey remember about your negging, dont be harsh!

    getting hung on the phone thing shows needyness. let it go and try again.

    i would go in there, not spend a lot of time, not spend a lot of money, just work on her. BTW a girl surrounded by Hired Guns, many HB9-10 does not need to be negged. she may feel inferior to many of those girls.

    where you getting dances from the strippers and shit?

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    Default Re: Strip Club Waitress

    No, I didn't get any dances nor did I go up to the stage. I virtually didnt spend any money other than the cover, one drink and one shot. I went there as an after-thought with no intention of spending much nor opening anyone but the waitress happened to sit next to me at the bar so I decided to open her and she seemed to have enjoyed herself.

    I can't tell either if she really wanted me to go back but I'd figure I should go back once more with the intention to pclose and if nothing happens, then that's it.

    Here's what I gather from your post:
    -Go back this Saturday.
    -Forget that I didnt get her #.
    -Keep my negging in check and perhaps qualify this time.
    -Dont spend much time or money other than the cover and a drink here and there.

    What would be a decent amt. of time to spend there? Keep in mind that she has to do her rounds so it's not like solid straight through interaction. I'm thinking that about 45 mins. should do the trick.

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