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    Default Here's the scenario.

    There's this girl in school i really like. We don't know each other but i know she already notices me because everytime i see her, we always have this eye contact(this means she looks at me) and i'm always the first one to look away pretending im not attracted to her(she's a perfect 10 btw).

    How do i open her? Is a neg a good opener?

    I'm thinking of saying something bad about the way she looks at me. Because sometimes, whenever our eyes meet, her eyes look like sharp swords pointed at me as if she hates me. Is this a bitch sheild? Although i kinda think it's better than her not looking at me at all because in my opinion, it's better that she hates me(im totally not sure) than her being totally indifferent. Please share your thoughts.

    So what do i do? How do i open her? Should i even open her?? Please give me your best shot at this one. I'm dying to get this girl.

    Thank you PUA's!


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    Default Re: Here's the scenario.

    ok dude first thing your acting like a giddy little school girl. stop being so beta and just go for the kill. you do know tht good eye contact is an ioi right? sometimes she is looking at you because she wants to talk. and dont do the situational about the eye contact because that is totally beta as well. i mean you could neg her in a way that seems like she is chasing you if you wanted to try it. just say something about her being too nervous to come say hi to you. and then just run your game.

    you are way too into ur own head thinking about the bad things or what she might be thinking to give yourself an excuse not to apporach. just go open her for christ sake. and no by the way she is looking at u is not a Bitch Shield. maybe check out some of the definitions that were put on just yesterday to start understanding pua terms and why those things happen!

    well good luck, if we dont get a field report cause u were too scared to approach im going to be pissed. haha
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