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Thread: (A MUST READ) A masters Advice. "Tailor to Different Girl

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    Default (A MUST READ) A masters Advice. "Tailor to Different Girl

    Every girl is different and needs to be handled differently, but how do you know what you should do differently?

    What if every girl you met would tell you exactly how to seduce her? If she would tell you
    all the ways to turn her on; what qualities the guys she is attracted to have, or what not
    to try on her. Wouldn't that be great?

    Well, girls will tell you step-by-step how to seduce them and what you have to do.
    It's not very hard to get out of a girl; they love talking about this. So the question is,
    how do you get her to tell you all this?

    It all falls on your conversational skills. If you know how to talk to people, you're going
    to pick this up easy. If you still respond to people with "" or with awkward silences,
    you got a ways to go.

    Men and women are totally different when it comes to conversation. Women want to FEEL things.
    They want to talk about how they FEEL and why they feel that way. Men want facts.
    They could care less about feelings. I'm sorry to break it to you, but if you want to create
    any type of attraction to this girl, unless she's a complete bimbo, you're going to have to have
    conversations that lead to feelings. When she gives you facts, take that a step further and get
    her to turn that fact into feelings. This will make more sense later. The good news is that
    she'll be doing most of the talking. All you do is jump in here and there to guide the conversation
    and get valuable information out of her.

    So what kinds of questions do you want to ask a girl? Well, there are plenty of
    question you could ask; here are a few:

    What qualities do you look for in a guy?
    This is a great one, but you're going to have to make sure you get quality answers.
    Keep in mind you want feelings also. So if she says she wants a confident/decisive man,
    you remember those two words then ask her how having a confident man makes her feel or
    what it does for her as opposed to being with a guy who can't make decisions for himself.
    She may say something like, "Guys who are confident are a big turn-on" (something should
    click here: TURN ON. Make sure you're confident if you want a chance with this chick).
    Or she may say I feel really [whatever] when a guy is confident.

    What's it like when you BECOME HOPELESSLY ATTRACTED
    This is a Ross Jeffries line, the caps are obviously an embedded command commanding her
    subconciously to become hopelessly attracted. I haven't tested embeded commands much, but either way,
    it's a good question to ask. It does two things. A) In order for her to answer this question,
    she has to remember a time when she was hopelessly attracted. This will bring back feelings
    and put her in that state of attraction; she will associate attraction with you.
    B) She will tell you what it's like when she is attracted, or what the guy did.
    Make sure you listen to what she says; she's giving you step-by-step instructions.

    You can ask her about good or bad experiences with dating. How they made her feel.
    If you're at a place where people are walking by, you can point out random guys and say
    "Just by looking at this guy, would you ever consider dating him. Why or why not?"...
    "Do you think it would last?". Besides being entertaining and different from what other
    guys would ask her (girls eat this $hit up), she's going to tell you all about first impressions.
    This will help you in general, but you'll also know what kinds of guys she goes for;
    you can notice similarities in styles/clothing/hair, she'll tell you turn-ons and turn-offs
    when it comes to clothing (you should be a good dresser already, but for those of you who
    need some work, this is a good opportunity to get girls advice), and how she judges people
    without even talking to them.

    Anyways, you guys get the picture. Ask her questions that will get her talking for a while.
    A girl can talk for hours about this stuff; you will get TONS of valuable tools to use on her,
    and the best thing is, she won't even know that she's giving you an Operation Manual to herself.

    And here's a big piece of advice most guys don't realize when they're trying to seduce
    a woman: You can seduce a woman just by talking to her and stimulating her mind. In fact,
    you can get her horny as **** (especially the more intelligent ones). But remember, when it's
    comes to turning a woman on, women are like volume knobs and men are like on/off switches.
    All you have to do to turn on a guy is....well....guys are usually pretty horny all the time.
    A girl needs to be stimulated. If you can talk to a girl and slowly turn the knob of arousal up,
    you're going to close a lot of deals.

    But most importantly, LISTEN TO WHAT SHE IS SAYING. Remember $hit. It's going to be what determines
    your success or failure.
    DISCLAIMER: All things said/suggested by "civilian" are strictly for entertainment and general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. I accept no Liability for such comments or suggestions whatsoever.

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    Default Re: (A MUST READ) A masters Advice. "Tailor to Different Girl

    not a bad post. vague but decent! good job rep++
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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