I know girls tell you "lines" don't work. Well that's because they are not the right ones..
The key to understanding lines is to say them as if they are not a line. Does that make sense??
You can make these lines effective by hiding them in the middle of a conversation.
But here are common "lines" to use.


-"Hi" and smile.
-"I noticed you when I walked in and wanted to talk to you."
-"Nice shoes" let's fuk.. just kidding

- You:"What's your schedule like for the week?"
Her: Well I'm have work until XXXX time and school on this day."
You: You should join me for XXXX on this day.
-Its important that you say this line just like that. Tell her that your going somewhere
and she should JOIN you. This implies that you already had plans to go regardless of whether
she goes or not. This works much better than, "will you go out with me on Tuesday??" That's
the wussy way, your asking for her persmission.

Number Closer:

You know (girl's name) you seem like a lot of fun to be around, we should get together some time?"

-This works ESPECIALLY WELL on 9's and 10's because they are so use to getting the usual bull$hit
compliments about how "pretty they are." The powerful thing about this closer is, you are not
asking for her number. Your telling her she's fun to be around. She'll be so excited after you
tell her this that her next line will be "let me give you my number." I bet you $10000000 if
you do everything preceeding to this correctly that when you say this line,
her response will be to offer her number.

-Also by her offering YOU her number she'll emotionally think she likes you. Don't believe me?
Just think about how a girl interprets you walking up to her and saying "Can I have your number??"
She knows she has you by the ballz and its not exciting to chase a pushover. Food for thought.

These are the usual closers with varations depending upon what we were talking about
before and the social setting.

aproaching girls

this may be slightly different to how it works in america, or even girls in a different part
of england,but heres how it works wit the girls up here and id expect it to apply everwhere.

first off if you are with a group of guys and you see a group of girls hanging out,
dont stare drooling, dont shout stupid **** at them that makes you look like a dip****,
find something to start a conversation,look around, could be anything, i like to use a joke.
dont go up and go ''errr umm,hi how you erm doin?'' believe it or not many, many ***gots are
like this when talking to girls, they dont bite you know!

once you have started talking you can ask there names and ****,and ask a bit about themselves,
this is where it gets easy, girls like to rabit on about bull**** that you dont care about,
and you dont have to do much of the talking cos it will be hard to get them too shut
the **** up,dont praise them, thats for ***gots,a nice compliment here and there wont hurt,
but sucking up and telling them how pretty they are is for loosers and wont get you nowhere
apart from looking desparate.

take it from there,you can swap phone nos and see each other later, go on to hang out somewhere,
if they are interested go for it!if not **** them,find some more bitches.if you cant take it
from there then there is no hope

i find **** like this hard to put into words but it is very basic stuff,genaraly,just lay
the foundation and present yourselves as cool guys who they want to hang out with,
dont try and be their friends, always keep it so they look at you as a potential sexual partner,
maybe throw in the odd sexual joke here and there and ****.

Practice Makes Perfect-

To get good with girls, you have to prioritize it. Just like lifting, you gotta stay consistent
with your meals and training to see results. One of the best ways to get good with girls is to
practice your communication and non-verbal communication skills. Now just like in lifting,
you didn't go to the gym on your 1st day and squat 3 plates. You started at a much lower weight
and built yourself up to 3 plates. Same $hit goes for girls. I know a lot of you are won't admit it,
but your very intimidated by really attractive girls. You get all nervous and have no clue what to say.
So start off on that really ugly chick in your science class. Or that nerdy girl in math. Of course you
would never want to hook up with these girls, but use them as bait to practice for the big fish...
Here's what your goals should be:

1-Approach 5 random girls everyday for a week that are between 1-5 on looks. Start a conversation with
them about ANYTHING!! Notice how your not intimadated by them AT ALL?? Talking to these girls and being
confident is easy. Why? Because you know your better than them. That should be the mentality you have
with EVERY GIRL!! Anyway, your focus isn't even to get their numbers or fuk them,
its to become comfortable in front of girls in general.

2-For the next 2 weeks approach 5 more girls everyday that are between a 6-7 on looks.
Do the same thing, just get comfortable talking to them.

After this 3 week period, your conversation skills(eye contact, voice tone, the way you walk, A
lpha Male skills) should have improved dramatically. So now your ready to step up to the majors and
talk to the really hot girl with the big fake tits, or the hot blonde who is a Britney Spears look-alike.
Now to keep yourself from getting nervous in front of the really hot girls, just keep this in mind:
Talk about ANYTHING EXCEPT THEIR LOOKS!!! They know how hot they are and when they hear that 20x a day,
they almost take it as an insult and automatically think you just want to fuk them.(Of course you do. )
Even worse they label you as a "nice-guy wussy." Did you know that girls decide within 5 minutes of meeting you,
whether or not they'd have sex with you? So just think, if you can be Alpha-confident PUA for 10 minutes,
you've got it made.. Girls that are really attractive want to be appreciated for anything except
their looks. Keep that in mind and you'll do well. And if you fear rejection or a girl laughing at you,
you shouldn't. 99% of the time a girl will be friendly, even if she 's not interested in you. So go get
some hours in the batting cage and practice for your big at bat.