(As Told By a Friend)

Everyone judges someone when the initially meet them. Whether they try to or not
they judge them. Well perception is key with girls. Let's say Billy-Bob is a virgin
who has never even kissed a girl. He studies up and learns the skills of becoming a
pick-up artist. He then applies these skills to the next girl he meets. The girl will
walk away thinking he's a great catch. She'll think he gets tons of hot girls, he's
slept with a lot of hot girls and he can get more hot girls whenever he wants.
This is what you want to do. You want to create a impressive image in the girl's
mind and make her wonder about you. This is commonly what's referred to as being
mysterious. So with that being said, here's the rules of perception.

1-Being busy-Let's say a hot girl you've been trying to bang calls you up today.
So when your small talking she'll eventually say, "what did you do today?"
Here's how a true pick up artist would respond. "Well I actually just walked in
the door as the phone was ringing, I've been busy running all types of errands
and stuff." Now in reality the true pick up artist could have sat home all day
jacking off 33x. But he's painting a picture in this girl's mind that he's very
busy and always has something to do. He also is very vague about what exactly he did.
Notice how the true pick up artist doesn't explain where he ran his errands.
That creates mystery. Girls are very jealous people. They will think that somewhere
along your errand trail you might have been with another girl. What does this do?
It makes them work harder for your attention and makes it that much easier for you
to score. Think about that? You can sit at home and beat the meat all day and actually
have a better chance of getting pussy..

2-Phone Skills-A true pick up artist also stays on the phone for a very brief
amount of time for 2 reasons.

a) The less time on the phone means the more mystery there is about you.
b) It prevents you from fuking up and saying something stupid if you only talk for 3 or 4 minutes.
c) It makes her think your busy.

Along with keep the phone conversation short, you should always end the conversation first.
This shows her your not needy and have other things to do. She'll think your talking to other girls.
3-Dates are for AFC's-NO FUKIN' DATES!!! You don't pick up a girl, buy her flowers and
pay for her dinner on a first date. You meet her at the beach and walk around or you meet
her at a coffee house and talk. She pays for her Shit, you pay for yours. Think of this
smokin' hot girl just like your best friend. The only difference is she has a really nice
pair of juggs and jell-o Ass.. Just like phone conversations, you keep the dates short.
Coffee should last about 40-45 minutes. If you ever wonder how long you a get together
with a girl should be, use common sense. If you went out with your buddy to get coffee,
you probably wouldn't be there for more than 30-40 minutes. Unless your one of those gothic
people who bring their guitar and hang out at the coffee shop for 3 hours. Now once you
guys have starting fukin' like chimps on Xstacy then you can get a little bit more flashy
with your get togethers.

(I Dont Recomend Getting Phone Numbers)
4-Keep phone calls at a 3:1 ratio-I never ever call girls until they have called me 2 or 3
times. I'm not talking about calling a girl back. If a girl calls you, you should call
her back. I'm talking about initiating the phone coversation. If she bitches and says,
I always call you etc. then your doing good!!!

I'll get more into specfics about how you should be on phone conversations and get togethers
in a future "lesson."..LOL

More Rules of "The Game"

Once you've mastered the art of walking up to a girl and getting her number (which i dont recomend), there's
a whole different chapter on the rules from there on out. Such as what
to say, etc. So let me discuss these rules a tad bit.

What to say-When you call a girl, small talk for a minute or two and then lead into a
get together. Don't sit there like her bitch and listen to her problems and then ask her
to hang out. Remember your a man, not a wuss, you have better things to do. So after you
small talk immediately ask for a get together. You do this my first asking her what her
schedule is like for the week. She'll say I work this day until XXXX time and this day
I have school. So just pick a time after that, simple, she can't say no or lie to you.
If she says she can't then you find out she was not interested right away instead of
wasting months and months "hanging out" as friends..LOL

What if she doesn't answer?-Well this is where technology comes to your aid. The first
thing you should do before you call a girl is put your caller id block on. This gives
you a free phone call!!!! Its a win win situation. If she answers then you can talk,
if she doesn't then she'll never know who called her. Which leads me to my next point.
DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE!! Until you've made the first contact with a girl on the phone
don't leave a message. Because your still a stranger to her and even if she's interested,
she won't call you back(dumb chick logic).

3's the Charm-3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3!!! Why in the fuk am I typing 3 over and over again??
Because if you only learn one thing from this thread about phone calls it should be this number.
That's the MAXIMUM number of times you should call a girl when your trying to make the initial
contact with her. Here are the rules for this:

1st phone call-caller id block on, if she doesn't answer DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE. Why?
Because its a free-phone call, she'll never know who called... -dirty little trick

2nd phone call-caller id block on again, if she doesn't answer DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE.
Now the timing on the second phone call can be anywhere from a hour or two from the first
one or a day later. Because remember she doesn't know who called the first time.

3rd phone call-You put unlock the caller id. If she doesn't answer, leave a message.
Your message should say something cocky/funny. For example: (girl's name), its civilian,
you can finally put on a clean diaper because your master has called you. Now I know
some of you are saying, "how cheesy" or "that won't make her call you back."
Well if you don't sell it right then it won't. That's why I mentioned your
voice tone earlier. Trust me, you say this right and sell it to her,
she'll call you back within a hour or two.

However, it should NEVER get to the point where you have to call her 2 or 3 times,
because if you used your PUA skills and laid down the cocky/funny, she will answer
her phone all day because she's been waiting for your call. Which leads me to my next point.

Jumping off the Mountain when your on Top!!-WTF does that mean? Remember when I said
to always end EVERYTHING first? Well make sure you end it when its at its peak!!!
If your on the phone with a girl and your making her laugh and giggle, she's obviously
enjoying the conversation. Well end it there!!!! Because when you guys get off the phone,
she'll be thinking about you the rest of the day. Same goes for get togethers,
make them want more. This is actually the rule I use when I'm hooking up too.
Just think of it this way. Take 2 steps back and she'll pull you 1,000 steps forward