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Thread: my progress

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    JuanPablo75 Guest

    Default my progress

    hi there. well, lets started
    1) like i said, i'm a bank teller, so, wile my mind is jumping between numbers bills and the computer. my subconcient is free to fool around, and it's rocks.......if i knew how totake advantage lol, that happend today. a gilr was in the line, let says a HB8. foreing, paying some bills for the residence here in my country. she try to pass me her id ( it wasn't necesary but it give me the chance to looks her picture. a good way to throw a neg. id pcis always are cruel, but becomes handy if is a girl id pic. alouw me to shoot on her selfconfidence ) and i noticed that she was from a diferent country. it was like this:

    HB: here is my id if u needed
    me: is no need...... ( look straight to her eyes) i already saw your picture.....( and i smile a bit playfull)
    hb: ( she laught and close her eyes looking down) ok hehe, isn't a good pic .
    me . it's ok ledy ( her first name) so tell me what brings u so far from home?
    hb: study,
    me : really? great!! wat are u learning?
    hb: singing, lyric music, like in operas
    me :great! ( i get close, well, as close i can get to her whit the glass of my box alloud me) u know a secret, i used to torture my coworkers listening power metal, great singer uknow?
    hb: really??? ( surprised! ) i love that music!! i though that i was the only one in this city who liked that!!
    me : ( matching his high energy) oh my god! we should exchange numbers! this is amazing!! i have a female friend who sing in a band!!
    hb: she looks me in the eye and tell me, give me a paper, i don't have cellphone yet but i'll give u my email.

    the full thing didn't last more than 5 minutes.

    2)in another post i request some guidance about a Hired Gun that i met, i get some feedback and it works, i get to exchange her cel phone number, work was hell all week so i wasn't abble to go to that bar , today i went and she display all kinds of ioi pretty much jump me to say hello. the owner of that place is no danger, so pretty much is green light. this girl loves cat and it happens that i own one, so whit the idea of meet her outside her enviroment i pplay a bit and we agree that she will go out whit me to take my cat to the veterinary ( really my idea is she going to my neighbourhood, pass to my apartment, pick up the kitty and share a date that didn't looks like one ) buuuuuuut my cell runs out of power so i couldn't call her. crap,. ( it's ok say crap here right??) this is a loong weekend here so i'm thinking how to aproach a date during the afternoon this weekend.-
    i apretiate some feedback, guys, if anyone is interested i will glad to exchange my msn . see ya!!

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    Default Re: my progress

    not bad im proud. you work the routine, body language, tone, energy, and rapport like a good freaking PUA. im proud of you on this one. i dont know what to advice u much on cause you did it amazingly!
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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