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    Default Guide attempt: Day game locations & peak times

    Ok, so I'm having as much trouble as a very green rAFC with WHEN and WHERE as I am with learning to talk to women. Many others seem to too, and I'm not finding information. Please add locations, when those spots are best, any notes, and especially when is prime time. I'll be updating this as people add. Personally I am going for women near my age of 28 and have a minor bias FOR women with kids, but I'll add whatever locations you give me.

    This is for day-game only and results will vary by age. Keep in mind that WHEN is at least as relevant as where.

    1) Grocery stores: (By far the best & easiest I can find), women are usually solo or only with kids if they have them (read: approachable).
    When: Friday "after work" ~4:30 PM - 6:15pm. (end time was almost exact and abrupt; I don't know the start time)
    Grocery stores reported Saturdays as next best "throughout the day".

    2) Mall: I have no idea when, late in the day on a week day didn't seem to work. when: (I'll call the malls to find out latter)

    3) Book stores/coffee houses/maybe even the library. (Again I'm planning to call and find out.). Also I don't know how to tell which one has the most women to game.

    4) Events: Find a good local event guide be it in print, your city's newspaper's website, or whatever. Searching Google found me a lot of worthless guides. Find a good one. Cities should have a steady stream of events, such as air shows, even if they are all only annual events. Most of these will draw a crowd, but also pay attention to the likely demographics; a bikini contest may not have odds in your favor. Expect women in groups.
    When: Especially the weekends, but don't overlook the weekday activities either.

    5) Small/free concerts: There are numerous places where there is free live music, usually outside. A lot of these aren't listed in the event guides but are recurring (weekly/daily). Many will draw a crowd so expect women in groups. When is obviously the stated times of the concert, plus before & after.

    6)Parks: I've had trouble with this one. Be explicitly attentive to the weather & season as they won't be as popular in the snow, rain, or heat. Also go for "bigger" parks and ones connected to a bike path may work slightly better, or offer an alternative if too few targets are there. May draw Mom's with kids more. (Anybody with experience PLEASE comment, I'd love to understand this one in particular better).

    7) The historical district. Most cities seem to have their oldest part a scenic historic district that draws a crowd year round. Again, the weather is probably relevant and I'd LOVE to hear WHEN from anybody that knows.

    8)Public transportation: Bus/subway. You can take this even if you have a car.
    When: My guess would be after work if your looking for women older than college.

    9) Beaches, if they are a swimming lake or the ocean. Watch the weather.

    10)Groups, clubs, & classes. They are logistically hard, but for rAFC's they are easier because of the expectation of social interaction. has an extensive listing that are easy to drop out of when out of targets, but don't stop looking there.
    When: Whenever the group meets.

    11) Gyms. Wonder past the weight equipment... I hear Yoga, & some classes, are mostly women.

    Z) Misc
    Amusement park, water park, video game arcades, Fast food places, movie theaters.
    If it's in this list I don't know how, or where, to game there or question it's value. If you actually have, or are thinking about gaming there post some useful info, including comments on when.

    X) Traps: If it's in this list, avoid it as a waste of time
    Online dating --just my opinion: you can be more efficient in person--

    Notes: day game is partly getting women wherever you are, not just going hunting for them. If you see a woman at the gas station, say Hi, but you cannot wait at the gas station or game in an empty mall. (I Field tested the second one by the way...)


    If you've read this PLEASE add to the list and speak up about WHEN or even the results you've had where. All I have firmly is when to go grocery shopping and to read the paper for weekend events. What do you have to add, times work best for these, or additional help do you have?
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    Default Re: Guide attempt: Day game locations & peak times

    Grocery store is definitely a way to go man

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