I tried nearly six months different tactics with many unsuccessful date site pick ups. I even had pause because I was so frustrated.

I found best working method something like this (its a quite similar to Dave M's method) I haven't found better methods than this i use.


- Two questions about womans profile.
For example if she she plays golf I ask something about it. Usually I add something teasing and smiley. Second good question is: "What do you appreciate in man?"

I add end of message: "With regards Newbee"
It's important even though it sounds not so important.

After first message woman mostlikely answers with long message with smileys and tells about her more.

I usually reply to second message:
- One or two question about new message, a bit teasy and funny
- I ask email/messenger
I after questions i tell a bullpoo reason why I don't wanna chat in the date site.
Something like: "I don't like typing here it reminds me so much typing school essays, have you an email or messenger?"

Then girl says "blablaba whatsoever" and gives her contact.

What do you think is it possible to get phone numbers like this? Is it more "risky" for young women (I date 17-22 years old women)? I have nearly always farked the game in Messenger.

Have you any fix ideas for my game? How Im able to get phone number as fast as possible, because im much better in phone than in messenger or email? Is there any books for Messenger gaming?

Tips, ideas and help thanks!