hahahaha, the old "I've only been with one guy AND IT WAS BAD" coupled with the old "I'm waiting for marriage...WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?" Routines... boy, for 19 this girl sure learned from the best. Hellza young chicks will pull this shiz early to shiz-test you!! The first is a "I'm a fragile flower andz I gots issues, will you be my superman" aka do everything I ask and want or I'll say "thats what a-hole #1 used to do/ that reminds me of him." the second one is a classic "Look at me I'm a good girl... you're goingto have to try real hard" and can basically be cracked using the steps of the game and good S&R value displays until SHE is trying to hook YOU before you go off. Yes waiting for marriage is a dealbreaker (for me), but that short lil speech is not what that means and most young girls (looking for mr. right & marriage) are basically OBLIGATED to drop that line some point early to see if you're wham-bam-thank you ma'am, or are willing to stick around a bit and put in the work. Two classic lines, niether of them mean what they say. Just like women