Here was the scenario.

Opened an account on Plentyoffish. I was winging it for a few months but I was very frustrated. My profile was unique but it was 95% humorous and nothing else. I looked to the net for help and purchased "internet dating mastery" by Christophe, so that I wouldn't be a lost cause. My profile opens with humor, added confidence statements and closes on humor as according to his guide.

After the first week of using Christophe's formula, I noticed a HN9 had added me to her favorites list but never contacted me. I knew this was a golden opportunity to approach. I prepared to send her an email. As I was composing it, a friend from work (a self styled PUA who met his wife online) noticed what I was doing and decided to give me a few pointers. He said to ask her why such a beautiful woman was using plenty of fish. I told him about Christophe's book and approach and that he said to never tell a woman she's beautiful in the intro email. My friend disagreed and said that any beautiful woman online is low on self esteem and needs reassurances.

I sent her the first email, deciding to go with my friend's suggestion. Later that same day she responded back witha comment like "I get that all the time" but she asked me a few questions about myself. "What do you do" etc. I responded back honestly (not jokingly). There was one more Fluff email and then nothing from her for 3 days. Finally she responded back with a message.."Well at thi point you either ask for a girl's number or you don't I have no intention of being an email buddy".

So i responded back later that day, thinking her interest was fading with my number and I asked casually asked for hers. She responded the next day (which fell on a Thursday)with her phone number.

My PUA friend intervened and said that I should not hesitate call her friday night and ask her out for Coffee on Saturday night. (He said he would be farking her by saturday night). A little confused, I thought this was too early and eager to call her up on a friday night. So i waited for Sunday. I got a voice mail. I casually introduced myself and left my phone number on it.

She called me back on Tuesday evening around 6pm. . I was still working at the moment so I couldn't have picked up. No game here, just the way it happened to be. I called her later that night and left a message that I couldn't get to my phone and that I'd call her the following afternoon. By the way, I noticed from call display that she was calling from work and had only left her work number. (I couldn't have called her Friday night if I wanted to)

The next afternoon, I called her around 1pm, the phone wrang but she did not pickup the phone I decided not to leave a number. I tried calling her about 15 minutes later and it still didn't pick up. Around 4pm I left her a message on the answering machine. Something like "hey looks like you took an extra long lunch break, here's my number let's talk again".

2 days later I got a "fark off" email from her saying my personality was too different. I responded back with a calm sounding "ok see you later".

what were my errors in this situation. Was my PUA friend correct that I should have acted fast or do you play it cool?