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    Default Apparently she was to proceed?

    Met this girl at a college party recently. I was the designated driver that night, and I was sporting a pair of Kanye West shutter shades.

    Of our group, I was clearly the standout. The two with me were looking for a good time, so I brought them out.

    One of my buddies brought her over to our group and introduced her to us. I was introduced last, and I took my time standing up to introduce myself. She and I held multiple conversations during the night (she made numerous references to my shades, and expressed regret that I wasn't drinking), and every time we made eye contact, it was for quite a few (long) seconds. My wingman said something to her, but he still refuses to tell me what it was.

    After that point, she told me (more than once), albeit playfully, that she had a crush on me but to keep it on the DL. We joked about it.

    I got her name and added her on facebook. I'm out of town for the weekend, so how should I make sure she's attracted to me?

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: Apparently she was to proceed?

    Invite her out, when you hug her kiss her on the neck/cheek, you will be able to tell from her reaction.

    If she smiles or w/e or laughs or something you need to kiss close her that day.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: Apparently she was to proceed?

    You're being a puss!! sorry to be blunt, but step up to the plate man! She said, more than once she has a crush? it doesn't matter how playfully, girls don't invite attention liek that from guys they're not into. She digs you and you're piddling around liek you have to game her! don't drop your guard and be like putty for her, still play offhandish, slow to react, make her work for it.. but you certainly should have taken up some slack and covered some ground while she was 'hot.' Surely she's still in your grasp, out of town? I'd facebook her that the last venue was a little crowded and you'd like to get her somewhere you can have a more personal conversation. Think a drive somewhere cool, hiking, or a walk along the beach/ greenbelt/ lake front. Get her alone, she obviously digs ya.

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