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Thread: Little doubt

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    tothem Guest

    Default Little doubt

    What should I do when a friend greet someone and chat for a few seconds or simply walks away?
    What to do when I want to approach the group he just greeted?
    Please help with this...
    Ah...I didn't report my friday night cuz it was really fucked up...
    Thanks in advance!

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: Little doubt

    well your english is better than my farsi, but if you want a solid answer you're going to have to pose a solid question, and I have no idea what the hell you're saying. care to elaborate?
    (ps, please don't take the first comment as a racial blast.. I'm glad to see the game is being played worldwide by people of all stripes, and would love to help, butthe briefness of your question coupled with indecipherable grammer makes it impossible..? )

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    tothem Guest

    Default Re: Little doubt

    Relax man...I know it was a constructive comment.
    What should I do when a friend greet a group of people (sometimes just greeting and walking away)?What should I do if I want to approach this group?
    For example,I'm in a bar and a friend kiss a girl in the cheek,says hi and walks away.What should I do in this situation,specially if I want to approach the girl?
    Ah,I would also like to know how to approach women sited in the sand near the ocean,and how to get further contact without having a cellphone (or anything similar) with you in that exact moment.
    Let me know if that's still not better.
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    Default Re: Little doubt

    To the first on: Treat it as a cold approach. But you could use some type of situational making a joke about some random guy coming up and kissing her.

    As for the second: A construction worker wouldn’t go to work without a hammer so why would you go to work without your tools? Bring you phone.

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    tothem Guest

    Default Re: Little doubt

    1. Hum...I'll read a bit about cold approaches.
    2. And what if I'm swimming?I ask her number and ask her to wait in the pool until I get my phone?

    Thanks a lot man... : ]


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