1st post, sorry if i'm in the wrong spot...recently out of an LTR (her decision), have done pretty well w/women in the past even though i've never been much of a social guy. I know I have to get out of my comfort zone which seems to be more 1-on-1 than group settings. I've read a few threads here and found a lot of interesting ideas. I know I gotta get out and start working right away since experience seems to be the best teacher but if anyone can help the process along, that would be appreciated.
I'm also curious about the ex-thing. I've never been broken up with, i"ve always done the breaking up so it's a little weird. Pride and the fact that she's an HB10 I guess (i'm thinking TJR in pandoras box though I could be off). I've gotten a few numbers and went on a few dates since and I know that's needed to properly assess the feelings and all. I'm starting to try new things and improve myself for me but i'd be lying if I said I didn't want her to see that she messed up and maybe get her to chase a bit. So, how do I help facilitate that process? And also, I wouldn't mind getting with a couple hotties in her social circle, facebook etc. Any ideas there?