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Thread: Day Number One

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    Default Day Number One

    Ok so as I said in my introduction I am documenting my experience with Neil Strauss' StyleLife Challenge.
    This is day one.

    I was first asked to answer the following questions.

    Write one or two sentences describing how you believe or people currently perceive you.

    I believe that people currently think that I am a good looking fun guy who has his shit together.

    Write one or two sentences describing how you'd like to be perceived by others.

    Same as above, but also knows the female brain in and out, how it works and how to make it do what I want.

    List three of your behaviors or characteristics you would like to change.

    1. My anxiety when it comes to talking to a girl I dont know.
    2. I feel like tend to neg a girl way to much without realizing it.
    3. Feel like it's hard to build attraction with a girl

    List three behaviors or characteristics that you would like to have.

    1. Be able to walk to to anyone and start a conversation.
    2. Build attraction with any woman I want, and be able to close.
    3. Have the pua Mindset

    The mission for today is to start a conversation with five strangers. He says the conversation doesn't have to continue more than a comment and a response. This will be easy, ill be working cashier at one of my jobs tomorrow...I do this everyday anyways.

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    johnnywalker Guest

    Default Re: Day Number One

    Just a thought...the idea behind going out and talking to strangers is to get comfortable approaching others, not responding to people who approach you. Talking to five people who come to your cashier stand don't count especially if one of your goals is to be able to approach anyone and start a conversation with them.

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    Default Re: Day Number One

    I enjoyed day 1 but i was on a train back from amsterdam so it was easy, cashier work is cheating definately!

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    Default Re: Day Number One

    Haha yeah your right......I stepped it up and joined SLA a little more than a month ago though, things are going swell

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