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    Default It started on facebook. what next?

    Well this attractive girl who goes to my school (a couple years younger than me) commented my facebook picture saying im cute after being fb friends with me for several months (and it's an old picture) after school when incidentally, i walked past her in the hallways and she may have given me a smile i wasn't paying attention.

    I've walked past her in the hallways many times before and it appears there's some type of attraction going on as we make eye contact and she smiles and i smile back. So, after she commented my picture i started talking to her asking her if i know her from somewhere ( which I do.) she then made some bubbly comment consisting of yeah i goto your school blah blah.

    I then say ive probably seen her before then and made some flirty comment about how she would have to say hi to me next time i see her and followed up with a question about is she related to some kid by last name blah blah blah. she then responded with an excite Yes!!! and said she would say hi to me tommorow. i told her ide be looking forward to it with a nice smiley face as a touch.

    At first she said omitted the fact that she knew me. But as some of you very well know, people get to know each other all to well with being friend's on Facebook. She then commented again without me responding and said how she saw me in her class that day, asking the teacher something and that she actually sees me around quite a bit. she also said "omg i sound like a creep", lol.

    now its the day after since this happened and i didn't happen to see her in the halls but i'm wondering how i would approach this next. i have absolutely no experience in pickup artistry although i did read neil straus's the game, which is how i found this website.

    So i'm kind of unsure what I should do if I see her, whether I should approach her in school, or wait for her to approach me and just seem energetic and interesting. I'm also unsure about what i should say next on facebook due to the fact I can't think up of what to say about not seeing her..

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    Default Re: It started on facebook. what next?

    ok first off, your too much into your own head. stop thinking about it so much. she said ur cute, she is excited to see you. she obviously has taken an interest in you and wants to try and get you interested in her. keep her curiousity going. keep her thinking if there is more to you. if you do this she will keep chasing you. give it a couple days and then if she never approaches you just neg her about it online saying, "hey i dont remember you coming up and saying hi. are you really that shy?!? haha aww thats cute" then boom she goes into qualifying herself to you and again building attraction without her knowing that ur interested in her. so its kind of under the radar
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