met this girl. my wing introduced her. shes beautiful, funny and pretty interesting. shes easily a HB10.

first time we meet she tells me she loves my piercing and we talked for quite some time. she rejected my invitation to dance.

tonight we met again. we talked for a little and at one point early in the interaction she goes, hey whats that you got on your neck? the fucking hickey i got from the wednesday girl. we joked about it for a while and i was surprised she pulled that card out. she immediately noticed and she called me on it. me and my wing leave to look around for targets when we return shes dancing with this guy she was with(a friend or hers).

so my wing goes to talk with another girl he knows and i stood back and let him work his set. the song ends and the hb10 asks me to dance. we danced, closely, had lots of fun and she actually got me into her a lot. this is the kind of girl i said i wanted when i told myself i would step up my game.

anyway, the question i got is: why is she calling me up like that(on the hickey)? why is she suddenly so interested?

btw no exchanges have taken place. its kinda weird thats why im asking your opinion.