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    adubthahustla Guest

    Default Re: How do I get closer to this girl?

    lol no we match like i smoke a blunt with her and she smokes a blunt with me at the same time and now she's offering to smoke me up whenever we're both just really big potheads lol....But I will try to do some things with her without smoking weed here in the future she's already invited me to her birthday party

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    jabu Guest

    Default Re: How do I get closer to this girl?

    Ah right cool cool.. used to be like that myself, calmed it to save money more than anything! lol. Just realised my little thoughts about her smoking with you to 'zone out' were a bit AFC.. shouldn't be thinking like that lol. Good stuff on the birthday party invite man, good chance to have fun and amp things up between you two! I would use this opportunity for Kino in particular, everyone will be having fun and relaxed anyway so it'll be a good environment for it.... although, will the bf be there?? Being friends already, are you guys close and/or touchy feely anyway?

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    adubthahustla Guest

    Default Re: How do I get closer to this girl?

    I'm not sure if the bf will be there or not but I kind of get the sense that she does not really care about her bf too much because after she told me he cheated I responded with the flirt texts along the lines of you deserve better than that and you should come over here with me and she responded back with she would if she would just finally leave her bf....But we were already pretty good friends from facebook and now were just starting the hanging out

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    Default Re: How do I get closer to this girl?

    ok just stay out of the friend zone/ smoking buddy zone. you need to make sure she can see you as a sexual partner or sexual entity. so make sure to escalate
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    amino2 Guest

    Default Re: How do I get closer to this girl?

    stay away from the you deserve better or I could treat u better lines. Women are used to be told what guys will do ( and rarely com thru with) and she knows she deserves better. JUST BE BETTER and you'll get her.

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    adubthahustla Guest

    Default Re: How do I get closer to this girl?

    Well I just got invited to go to the movies with her next week lol and we have another meet up and smoke session planned for Monday....Im just going to keep riding this out

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    nacus Guest

    Default Re: How do I get closer to this girl?

    I think I am a bit older than most of you guys, mid thirties. And I am kinda new to gaming girls, so take it for whats its worth. But if there is one thing I have learned its just be direct, sure its scary, sure you may lose your weed buddy, but it clears you up for whoever is next.

    I was in a similar situation where a girl who I was interested in, we would see each other every few weeks. I knew she has a boyfriend, and I truly enjoyed her company, so I was was not trying to put the moves are her at the time. Then she confessed to me that her boyfriend had cheated on her. That switched me into the mood its time to make the move. So i said well he fucked up, and his turn is over. I am going to take you to dinner and show you how a man treats a woman.

    She was taken back by how forward it was, and how much confidence I had in the statement. All it took was telling her what you want, and telling her what you are going to do. Its pretty simple really. And if she is reluctant, move on, never say sorry, never ask again. Just move on. She will do two things, feel she like wow that dude is not chasing me, and come back to you, at which point you have to stay firm, its going out or the highway. And if she does not come back, or does not want to date, then well you know where she stands, and you wont have to be guessing anymore if she is into you or not.

    Once I have found the next girl or girls I am in, I am fine going back to the girl who rejected you, as you can never have to many friends. But just dont go back until you are ready to actually be her friend, and treat her like a real friend! Don't do anything for her you would not do for any of your guy friends because that is all she is going to be for you.

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