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    Sniper NYC Guest

    Default Hug And Hook Up Routine

    This routine should be used early on, straight after an opinion opener for best effect. This routine is suited best for street situations on solo group approaches (which is just about all I do at the moment).

    Basic premesis of this routine:

    1. Your /or friends theory on hugging.
    2. Hug.
    3. "Joke line"
    4. Hug again.
    5. Link arms.
    6. Walk off.

    Example for this:

    Me: Hey guys, if a turtle leaves it's shell is it naked or homeless?

    Them: blah "thats so random!" *giggle* blah blah

    Me: So if it doesn't have a nest is the turtle in a kinda camper van situation? Thus implying he's a gypsie.

    Them: *giggle* "blah!"

    Me: Hey, I have a theory about hugging, that you can tell alot about someone by the way they hug, I think you guys would be a great group to try it on.

    Them: blah ok

    *group hug*

    them: well?

    Me: What? oh! well I didn't say I was going to tell you about yourselves. But oh well, (neg/TEASE TIME) You have arms that can crush a gorilla. and you have a spine of steel. (travel as far as you want down this route)

    Me: actually lets try that again.

    *group hug*

    Me *while hugging*: interesting.

    (now at this stage as you detract from the hug keep in contact but slide your arms in to hook them arm in arm with you)

    Me: Well you guys are pretty, I'm handsome and charming, I think we should get a coffee.

    *Walk off arm in arm*


    Overview: As I've said it works best in groups with a coffee house/bar within walking distance. This particular routine helps break the "Kino barrier" (I'm not quite certain if I've talked to you guys about that). Anyway done right, it is an up tempo fast paced routine which will get lots of great responces. One of my favourites was..

    "OMG this is like the movies, this isn't supposed to happen in the real world, your actually unbelievable!"

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: Hug And Hook Up Routine

    Cool. Plus, if they let you try it again (the hug), you're almost certain they'd go have coffee with you.

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    Default Re: Hug And Hook Up Routine



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