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    Default Some advice on a tough one...

    Hey guys. Let me give you a little background first. Like most of you I was (still am to some extent) a typical average guy with little game. What I lack in any game at all, I have been lucky to compensate with natural game. I am a former pro-athelete and now have a fairly successful career. So being around woman, and having dates has been pretty easy for me.

    Now though I am getting older (mid thirties) and looking for more serious girls. I have been meeting some who are quality who I want to get to know more, and lots more that are just fun to have around.

    So while while surfing over a month ago I meet a cute quirky hot kind of girl, but personality wise, she is really attractive. Later that day she adds me to her facebook. We start chatting a lot on the facebook, and she see her a couple times out in the water. I am getting a good vibe, but a very standoff vibe also. We talk more on facebook and she tells me that she is just got this really bad social anxiety and she is trying to overcome it. In the meantime I am trying to get her to go out with me one on one. And she is always busy, she works as a physicians assistant so 12 hour days, and does this at 2 hospitals. So the few days she has had off I have been out of town. But we still email or text at least everyday.

    Fast forward to I finally just tell her on Facebook, since we can never seem to meet in person. I said something like. Look I want to take you on a date. Your a very intriguing person to me, which I find very rare, so tell me when to pick you up.

    And she wrote back saying she is in a weird place and it brings her dread the idea of dating anyone until she can feel more content with herself. And she hopes I will understand.

    Normally, I would be on to the next. But This is now forbidden fruit. Have any of you overcome a girl who is so painfully shy, and socially anxious? If so tell me some of your secrets.
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    Default Re: Some advice on a tough one...

    Plan a dinner party or just some other kind of party and invte her along with a bunch if other friends. Show her you are a cool social guy who is different. You have to build comfort only way you can get through her walls.

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    nacus Guest

    Default Re: Some advice on a tough one...


    I should have added that to my original post. I do host some kind of event at least once a week. Mountain bike rides, surfing, BBQ, etc etc. And I have always invited her to come. She has come a few times and had a great time. Thats what makes this so much more of a challenge for me. I really think she honestly does not want to date anyone right now. And is really all about getting to comfortable being on her own. She was married, but it was quite some time ago. And just recently moved away from her hometown, so she is making a lot of changes. And that makes me want to crack this so much more.

    I mean I have been rejected like all of us have, no big deal move on. But I have never come across a person who just does not want to date right now. The whole challenge of turning this person is so exciting to me, but, I just have no idea how to do it, or if its possible!

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