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    Default I got nothing to say

    I haven't bad Approach Anxiety. My problem is that I don't know how to start conversation with unknown people. I don't know what to talk first.

    If there is a natural situation, opening is easier.

    People in country where I live are quiet and they don't speak smalltalk.

    Yesterday I asked time, it was loud and I crashed and burned totally.

    Please tell me how to open women at clubs and how to break the ice. Give examples how you approach women at bar counter or other situations.

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    xtremeillusia Guest

    Default Re: I got nothing to say

    If it was loud its a different issue....but asking the time is good...lemme just give you an example conversation...somet hing that I use...

    You: Hey do you have the time?

    (Chic starts to look at her watch)

    You: you know what? I actually don't wanna know the time..I just wanted an excuse to flirt with you(this is said playfully)

    She usually will laugh at this point....

    You : I saw you from over there and you looked interesting and I just had to come and say HI..I'm "your name" by the way..

    She says " Hi I'm "her name"

    At this point usually you can talk about thing you can do is to look at your environment and talk about stuff... you can ask her opinion about something...Be sure to throw in an FTC and express non neediness either verbally or thru body language...

    You: hey...since we are talking lemme ask your opinion one something...What is a good gift to buy a girl? ( false disqualifier)
    (You are just saying "girl"..."Girl" cud be a sister, cousin, friend's girlfriend can turn this around anyway you want later in the conversation)

    this kinda opening is usually good for daygame....

    at bars and clubs usually an indirect opener works well....but that doesn't mean direct openers work bad....


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