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    Default Extreme tendancies good? Bad? Help please

    Hi guys,
    brand new to this whole pick up thing. some details before the question. (note, i am not complaining about anything, its just how it is right now.)

    i'm 19 years old, and have social anxiety really bad. incredibley shy, have really bad posture, can't look in a mirror, can't look at a person's eyes for more than a second. i am a studing magic for the art, not just to pick up people. that means i spend a lot of time in my room, looking down and working on stuff alone.

    two catchs.
    1 i can't approach anyone. even to show them an effect. go out with loaded pockets of simple stuff, matchs, rubber bands, sponge balls, some coins and it just stays put.

    2 the kind of magic that is most appealing to me is the death defying stuff. that means playing with fire, knives, nails, blood, razors, needles, escapes... you get the idea. because of this, tend to get some interesting injuries from time to time. (good example is when a razor blade slashed up the tongue pretty good)

    questions now (sorry it's a lot)
    how to approach people with out just having your hands outstretched and the whole look at me thing?

    is the dangerous stuff a help or hinderance to meeting girls?
    thanks so much

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    Default Re: Extreme tendancies good? Bad? Help please

    I think it depends on what you want. Do you want to be the guy at the club that is the entertainment, or do you want to be the guy at the club who all the girls want? Magic has been used in PU for a long time now, guys like Mystery, and Brad Jackson just to name a few. However the trick is to calibrate it right. If you are wanting to use it for PU then leave the sponge balls and cards at home. Learn some simple stuff. Ever since learning puma skills I have kept a few quarters, a book of matches, and a few dollars in my pocket at almost all time. IF you know anything about magic there are tons of options with just those few items. Great part is that those are normal things people would have with them so when you whip them out to use them, they don’t look try hard. Just makes you look like a fun cool guy. DON’T OVER DO IT! Big thing. If you want to use it a way to meet women then you need to learn that magic isn’t an opener, and your not a dancing bear. Give them a little bit, but don’t make your interaction all about the magic.

    As far as the other part, dude you got some serious inner game issues to work through. Before you get down on yourself know that we have all been there. You can work through it, but you are going to have to learn to make yourself uncomfortable at times as a means to an end to make yourself better.

    Hey Bill think you could get Brad to take a look at this thread, kind of up his alley

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    Default Re: Extreme tendancies good? Bad? Help please

    You don't have to only do this stuff in the clubs. In fact I'm quite sure that if you start hanging out in a public place like a park near a college or something and just start practising tricks out there people will actually begin to approach you

    Could be a good way to get over your shyness. If it happens often enough you will feel inside that people approaching you, and you speaking to strangers is a normal thing.

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