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    Default New Understanding

    I was reading an article suddenly it dawned on me: women value obstacles.

    All my life I've been operating under the assumption that women were like men when it came to flirting. I mean, sure I played the little games, but I just assumed both sides were feeling the other out and the real goal was sex.

    Now I understand that I've only been looking at the problem from my testosterone-defined perspective. I mean, who doesn't dream of a Hot Babe skipping the pleasantries and jumping straight to sex? But that's a man's dream - not a woman's.

    On the flip side there are women who always SAY they want to be "pursued." That's bullsh*t. They don't want to be chased - when a man does that he comes across as clingy, desperate, weak or needy. No, the truth is that women want to chase. They want to try reel in the biggest, baddest fish in the pond and change him into prince charming.

    I'm definitely going to test this theory out in the coming days. It's not that the methods will change, but my ability to sell them will because I've been enlightened and I understand the purpose behind the game I play. I'm supposed to play hard to get - not the other way around. Doh!

    Thanks for listening to my rant. I've gotta go to work and boy is this going to be an awesome day - experimentation here I come!

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    Default Re: New Understanding

    I <3 epiphanies

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    Default Re: New Understanding

    Haha, and now I just read Making Women Feel ATTRACTION For You

    Nice to have an assumption confirmed by one of the best!

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