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Thread: type-itis?

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    LifeMage Guest

    Default type-itis?

    I've noticed that I have a weird form of one-itis. No, I'm not running game on just one chick. The problem is that I'm only attracted to girls with a specific set of characteristics - like one-itis for a type of girl (type-itis?).

    I've read about natural attraction and personality matches and it makes sense that I would find certain qualities more appealing than others. The problem is I think it's f'ing up my game. I mean, it's tough to REALLY pursue a girl when you don't want her in the first place.

    For example, last night I was at a party and started talking to this girl. I was telling a story and had her moderately interested, but the guy next to me showed more interest. Since I didn't really care about the girl I just ignored her and talked to the guy, even though I was making some headway with her.

    Should I just try force my way through it and hope the attraction follows suit?

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    Default Re: type-itis?

    i wouldnt. I would hold to what you like. I know i will have people disagree with me here, but look at it like this. Why do you like this type of girl? What causes you to be attracted only to them? What is their and your value set?

    Its just me but my value set doesnt allow me to just fark someone cause i want to. I have to be attrracted to them. So if im not, then ill make then a friend, but thats it.

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    Default Re: type-itis?

    i totally feel you here. you want to get better at game so that you can get the girl when you find one you do want. but at the same time its hard to find the type you actually want to practice on. you just arent interested enough in whats in front of you which lowers your desire. sort of a catch 22 when you have picky taste.

    of course you can get yourself more comfortable with early stages and just friendzone them like tcomea said which is true but i know this bothers you because you dont really want friends you want girls that you can take things further with and its frustrating not being able to find it

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