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    Default taking the iniatitive

    Im in college and I have 1 major problem with picking up women. I am a relatively attractive guy and a good amount of women approach me. I have good self confidence and have no trouble in talking to women, building attraction, negging etc.
    My problem is that I can never make the move. Every woman I have hooked up with has made the move to hook-up with me, not the other way around.
    I want to change this.

    What routines do you guys use to get the women to come back to your place? How do you ask her to follow you, or make it easy for her to follow you?

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    Default Re: taking the iniatitive

    Well what do you mean by "the move"? Are you talking about first kiss? First full on sign of attraction? Most guys who claim to have trouble making the move, but can open women, just don't know how to initiate Kino, so they have trouble making an attraction loaded move because it doesn't fit organically into the reality they have created with the woman.

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