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    thatonewriter Guest

    Default How do I rebound from this?

    Hey all, new here. Got myself in a bit of a pickle, thought you all might be able to give me some guidance.

    So, I know this girl, she interned on a short film I wrote and directed back in college. We would hang out, smoke a jay, and have fun sometimes, but I never made a move because I thought it was unethical to pursue someone whom I had authority over.

    School ends, I graduate, she doesn't. I go back up to the small college last weekend and when I posted a facebook message about this, she almost immediately tells me we need to hang. When I get up there, we do indeed go out, have some fun, flirt a bit. I was able to seem cool because I was kinda in town because a major production company was reading a spec screenplay I wrote and so I wanted to be somewhere where I wouldn't have to stress about that. When I told her my logline, she responded enthusiastically. I compared the tone to that of a famous, those somewhat obtuse screenwriter and she commented that she totally wanted to fuck him because of his brain. Now, I'm not bad looking by any means, (in fact, women approach me often), but I'm also more smart than I am pretty.

    The night wears on, we end up at different parties, but at about 12:30, she texts me and we meet up and head back to her place. Along the way, no less than 20 random guys whoop and holler at her. She's a total 10 (and whip-smart to boot) and she seems totally unfazed by this. But when a random guy comes up to me and tries to shake my hand and tell me, "Good job" it throws me way off my game.

    So, we end up sitting in her apartment, home alone, for a fairly long time, and I just simply CANNOT seem to make a move. She's given me signs, she's into artists, she thinks my writing is "brilliant" yadayadayada.

    Point is, I totally froze.

    What do I do so that when I'm in town again in a few weeks I can not repeat these mistakes. Or is this faux pas bad enough that I'm now likely stuck in the friendzone?

    Thanks guys,

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    TheWolf69 Guest

    Default Re: How do I rebound from this?

    How were the interactions at her place & how did you leave things? This could make a huge difference.

    Also, have you put it out there at all that you are not looking for a friend? Has there been any sexual Tension? It may not be too late.

    I had a "friend" that I strung along for years but the tension was always there & it eventually happened. I worked with her & we had many mutual friends (some I had known for over 10 years because we knew before this particular social circle formed) so I was not even looking for anything more. She was just lots of fun to hang with. She was easily an 8.5, but I had plenty of other action.

    One night we were out & I was a little drinky & horny & said screw it & made my move. I was met with NO resistance. Bottom line is it's never to late if played properly.


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