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Thread: HB9

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    Default Re: HB9

    its no big deal. and trust me, the best interactions is when you both are involved. girls dont like doing all the talking or all the listening. you want an interaction where you just talking, laughing and having fun.

    just freeze her out unless you feel you can change your game immediately.

    but i agree. text game is a gift from the gods for us. we can do anything with that stuff. my best text game, was getting a girl to give me road head when i picked her up to hang out the first time after casually meeting her. because of text game and roleplaying, i made fake memories and it was like we had been talking for a while, i meet up with her, work some initial keno, but before i picked her up i was buidling sexual Tension through text, the next thing i know she literally was kenoing me back but rubbing my inside thigh. then i decided to work the frame like she had the dirty mind and next thing i know, while im driving down the interstate, she whips out my cock and starts blowing me. this shit is amazing. but for someone who has read race de preists program b4utxther i would extremely reccomend it. i have kind of earned the unofficial text game guru title (one day ill steal the title from race). but i learned the start of my stuff from his program and it was amazing
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    nmhckyplyr30 Guest

    Default Re: HB9

    So. After "studying" some more. I honestly just dint put any sexual Tension or anyhing like that. So I basically just ended up looking like another dude that has zero game which is true I guess. Still a work in progress

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