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    Default Extreme Social Circle Limitations

    I go to a boarding school, so my social circle is very limited for most of the year. Basically, GFTOW is impossible for me, as I'm stuck on-campus most of the time. With that said, how would I pick up the hottest girl in my school? I've been with her before, but she knows she's the hottest girl and can get any guy she wants at any given time. This is very AFC of me, but I just need to hear some direct opinions on the issue.

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    Default Re: Extreme Social Circle Limitations

    direct openers are just that. Direct. One of my standard is “hey I saw you when you walked in thought you were cute. I had to come find out if there was more to you then meets the eye.”

    But to be honest, you don’t need a direct opener. You need to reengage. If you have been with her before and already have her numbers try some text techniques to reengage her and build some attraction.

    That’s my .02

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    Default Re: Extreme Social Circle Limitations

    OK my opinion is this, to get HB10s you must portray to them that she cant just 'get' you. You are above her league my friend, a congruent image of higher status...why should YOU fancy HER.

    Subtle negs are important, plus making her qualify herself to you (e.g beauty is common gambit). Get your social proof/dhv up with the other girls, pay this girl little attention but interact (and be a fun guy) with her friends to get them to fancy/approve of you.

    My congruency is shit as well but im working on it, thats the key! If you dont make the above your true character she'll switch off as soon as she smells beta on you, whether its too fast escalation or rumours from elsewhere or whatever.

    oh and keno x

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