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    yesman Guest

    Default obstacles: live in bad part of town, airmattress for bed, and car needs some work

    1. the targets usually ask where i live. i live in lakeside by the rodeo and there are a lot of losers in east county a lot of meth etc.... so obviously its not the answer they were hoping for.

    off the top of my head the other day i said "lakeside, i have a mansion by the rodeo" the girl loved it and said she had a mansion by the rodeo too.

    another idea i had was to say something funny and outrageous, like, "im sharing a studio with santa clause in northern canada, he and miss clause broke up so hes on my couch." good? other ideas? other good answers?

    2. i am short on $ rt now and have been for a while, so its created some problems. 1 i have an airmattress for a bed and have for the last year. i am determined to fix that. ive only been able to bring one girl back and i could tell she wasnt impressed but we still hooked up. my excuse if i get a girl back to my room b4 i replace it will be i only moved here a few months ago and its on my to do list to get a better bed but i find it comfortable so it hasnt been a top priority.

    3. since im short on $, my car has some problems too, its a nice car girls like it 1998 s500 but the seatbelt on the passenger seat is broke and very expensive to fix. ive been able to tie a knot in it so it does work but very poorly. also the passenger window fell off the track last week. no girl could be impressed by that. my plan is to stay confident, make a joke, tell her it just happened and im fixing it soon. i need some good jokes tho! any ideas?

    also any ideas for cheap awesome dates?

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    Default Re: obstacles: live in bad part of town, airmattress for bed, and car needs some work

    1st it doesn’t matter where you live but how you live. Don’t let it become a value problem to you. You can make a joke about it, but if she doesn’t accept you for who you are, you don’t need to be with her.

    2nd yeah Id work on that. Are you a student or something?\\

    3rd. a car should make who you are. I know these are real issues but the reality is that they don’t affect who you are, just you current economic settings. Show a woman you are ambitious and have a plan and those thngs go by the way side. I drive a crap car, and I get questions about it cuase I have a good solid job and make decent money, so girls ask me why I don’t buy a new one. I tell them its paid for, and im saving money so I can buy the car I really want within the next year. Which is the truth and a real goal.

    Women look for potential in men. Show it to them and the rest doesn’t matter. If you don’t have potential or goals then that’s the real problem and we need to address that.

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    yesman Guest

    Default Re: obstacles: live in bad part of town, airmattress for bed, and car needs some work

    great advice, thanks!! luckily im studying to get real estate lic. and starting a real estate biz and so i can just say im putting all my $ into the biz at the moment. but you are right, i HAVE to replace that bed soon, lol

    another joke: we're actually friends with the easter bunny and santa and i are thinking about movin out of our 90 sq ft studio and gettin a 3br with him.

    the seatbelt: the last person who sat there was 300lbs.

    the window: i disabled it when we were walking up cuz i dont trust you and you have been misbehaving

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