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Thread: Boyfriend Destroyer Counters To Try

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    Sam Guest

    Default Boyfriend Destroyer Counters To Try

    Significant Other - counters

    There are only 3 things that limit me when it comes to women.
    1) Her time constraint
    If it wasn't for this, I would be able to take most girls home the first time I meet them.

    2) Her kinda seeing-kinda dating, bf/husband/sugardaddy/boytoy/chump she takes advantage of
    This is what this post is about.

    3) Me feeling like shit and gaming badly

    Most girls I'm targeting don't have husbands, so I've started developing anti bf game. I suppose these can be called bf destroyers though I decide that they are not meant to destroy the bf - only to broaden her view on seriously reconsidering monogamy. Lets begin.

    These have been used in the field - spontaneously - this is the sort of thing I can pull out of my ass if the time calls for it. Not extensively tested since I usually don't reuse something I've used in the past (I don't have common routines) but they've worked well on their own.

    her "I have a bf"
    me "So how long have you been with him?"
    her "3 years"
    me "wait, you're you've been with him since 20?"
    her "yes"
    me "omg...those are like the best years of your life! you can do all the crazy fun shit and nobody can you do that to yourself?"
    her "what do you mean?"
    me "well, I respect your decision...its just that sometimes we're afraid of being alone so we rather stay in a relationship that isn't for us anymore. Like you know how in the beginning there is this's alive, and you never know where things are going to go next."
    her "totally...its just that our relationship isn't the same anymore..."
    me "and then the passion dies...but we still don't want to be alone...don't you just hate that?"
    her "yea..."
    me -a mins later, she gets my # and calls me saturday night 10 pm telling me she just got off work and she is bored-

    The first thing I can think of is "Wow, she's been in only 1 serious relationship for 3 years". Ok, I know a few things, she was probably naive, and I bet the relationship is boring at this point. I target the specific area about the wonderfulness of having fun and not caring about the consequences of her actions while also making her realize about how boring her relationship is right now. Right on farking track

    me "blahblah"
    her "well, I don't think my bf would like that"
    me " long have you been in a relationship?"
    her "5 months..."
    me "wow, you're like 18 or something?"
    her "20"
    me "oh well, I met this girl (I told her about the story about the same girl as above)...anyways didn't you ever date more than one guy at the same time?"
    her "yea...but now I'm serious."
    me "Is he the one?"
    her "I don't know yet."
    me "Oh yes you know it because when you kiss him (I put my hand close to her lips) your head spins...your heart beats fast (my hand hovers over her chest)...and your tummy fills with butterflies... (my hand hovers over her stomach)'ll know the moment you lay eyes on him because he'll make you feel wonderful (I smirked at this...of course I'm making her feel great)"

    Her eyes widened and she stared at me intensely for about 10-20 seconds...unblinking stare...previously we were gazing around the club as we spoke...the world disappeared and it was only just me. I believe this is called 'doggy dinner bowl' look...she flushed visibly.

    her "I gotta find my friends" and she left. I tried to get her to stay...but didn't work out too well.

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    RokStarz Guest


    This is a little more advanced than I'm used to. For me, it's usually went like this:

    Her: I have a boyfriend.
    Me: Oh, how cute! You thought I wanted to be your BOYFRIEND! That's adorable!
    (continue sarge..)

    Buuut I usually get shot down when it's time for physical escalation this way, despite getting ioi's.

    I want to try your way of asking how long she's been in a relationship, etc...

    The other tactic I've tried is from Dan (SocialHitchhiker), a JM trainer. You ask her about her boyfriend, and make her feel good. Obviously, who she chooses to date is an important part of her identity. Make her feel good about herself and continue as usual, using an SOI and sexual barriers. This has never worked for me, as setting that "respectful" frame makes her expect that I'll be... well... RESPECTFUL of her relationship.

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    Sam Guest


    I've seen some good PUAs who can handle their MLTRs with frame control...though, at the root, even with the most awesome frame control ever, it is still basically just buying enough time and more time until she asks again when you guys are going to be exclusive. The shame of this is she is never actually happy with the situation until the guy does. Or maybe the guy never tells her and she assumes they're exclusive. Either way the underlying base of situation SUCKS.

    When I PU a girl, she ends up fucking me (Prizer mentality). She knows its not a relationship and knows there are likely other girls but doesn't want to know about that at all. Likely she ISN'T going to let me fuck other girls right off the bat because she entertains the hopes that we'll be exclusive someday. Notice that she is behaving like an AFC so it should be obvious that she wants a relationship and that its up to you to be the man and make the decision. It would be the equivalent of a guy being a friend with a hot girl hoping things change down the line and he gets sex.

    I've had girls basically adoring me and they say that they don't care about me hooking up with other girls...but once I had a girl with me (a fb) and I called up this other girl...the fb started talking while I was on the phone and the girl on the phone heard her and hung up. She sent me texts saying "I don't care if you hook up with other girls just don't have them with you when you're calling me" - reads to me as "I really like you and I don't want to know about your other women" aka "Lets be exclusive someday because I have those feelings for you"

    In the case of MLTRs, she knew and even met some of the other girls I fuck. She introduced me to her friends etc. You know, what friends do. Using massage as the vehicle, I got her into bed and what happened is in the previous post. Currently her attitude is completely different than every other girl I've met. She is the only girl that has ever let me bring other girls into the sex...she is open to me finding girls for her and is wanting to experiment.

    Sequoia, find yourself one of these types and she'll build your harem for you.

    Because we have this type of relationship, there are no ideas of romance in her head about me - she'll never become jealous or want to be exclusive. She can see other guys and I can see other girls. We're basically like friends except there is sex and we have a lot of fun outside of bed as well. The base of the relationship is completely different than a good PU and I don't think even fancy words or frame play can make a girl settle happily in such a situation. Its like how girls in the porn industry leave after a while. Same with Hefner's girlfriend turnover rate at the Playboy mansion. Can you believe the brutha is 81 now and still kickin it?RESPECT.

    But as I mentioned - being a fb... and I mean the completely non-emotional-you-will-never-love-her type of fb...means she'll never grow that attached either because you're not -that- way to her. Because we've fucked, all type of physical contact is open to both of us...basically its like an LTR without ever having to deal with the issue if she wants to be exclusive...and she doesn't mind at all about you fucking other girls (she wants to jump in on that too...) or if you bring other partners into bed with her.

    I'd like to try this idea by making a girl LJBF me and then using the same process to see if I end up with similar results.

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    Exprt PUA Guest


    I get where you're going with this but I suggest you try a bf destroyer next time.


    "Wow you've been dating for 20 years! That's awesome. I bet you guys are so in love. He seems like the kind of guy who would buy you a dozen roses on a whim just b/c. I bet you've both experienced so many wonderful non stressful trips together where you just totally want to be together forever."

    What this accomplishes--She will start to break down her bf for you.

    Otherwise you'll look like you're attacking her decision to date a loser and she'll defend him. Instead build him up so she can knock the unrealistic image down. Be careful though, don't be sarcastic when you deliver the lines. Say them very matter of factly.

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    Ricky Guest


    Interesting. Good advice.

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    I am not a huge fan of the boyfriend destroyer techniques. I think many girls will fool around on their boyfriends if they are in the right situation, because of the excitement of it.. but ultimately you are going to make her feel guilty and if she really cares about the guy, she will stick with him.

    I mean it can be fun to fool around with her, and sometimes it will turn out to be great - but for the most part you are creating negativity in the long run.

    There are three possible outcomes:

    1. Great time, but she feels guilty and ignores you.

    2. Great time, she really didn't like her boyfriend and was looking for a guy like you to 'set her free'.
    Success/Fail - she may want to be exclusive (which is not good if you are into open and honest MLTRs).

    3. Great time, she is intoxicated by adventure and after you date her for a while, she cheats on you.
    Fail (most PUAs wouldn't allow this to happen as they would make her a MLTR and there is no such think as 'cheating')

    I prefer to go after single women... because there is much more chance of fun, no regrets and even she can become a MLTR.


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