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    Chris Lane Guest

    Thumbs down I know, but I can't

    Hey, Chris here...

    I'm kinda noobish at this stuff, so I'll get right to the point. My "game" is not solid, but it's getting up there FAST. Here's the problem I have. I can EASILY approach/pickup within a social circle. However, I have troubles approaching women randomly. To give you a background on what I'm into here is 100% "natural" game. When I first started looking into this stuff I did do a couple canned openers, and they worked. They worked pretty well in fact. I stood back and thought "What's making this work?". It was not what I was saying, it was how I was saying it.

    With that said, I knew canned openers were out. I have not studied much of anything but natural game. Like I said the only issue I have right now is cold approaches. I don't know exactly what is stopping me. I think I have a problem escalating from the open, to the number, or venue change. I think I go into my head a doubt it and it shows thru me. Any ideas or advice would be GREAT!


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    Default Re: I know, but I can't

    Sounds to me like you never really got passed aa. Pick up within a social cir where you have social proof and value is easy. I could train a monkey to do it if I really wanted to. You most likely have some hidden limiting beliefs inside you. You need to get in field ASAP and when you start to hear that little voice in your head trying to talk you out of an approach write down what it says, why cant you do it. That’s your limiting beliefs. Once you know what they are you can tackle them and move forward.

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    Chris Lane Guest

    Default Re: I know, but I can't

    Sounds like some good solid advice. Thanks, I'll give that a try.


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