Using body language to attract women is an often overlooked aspect of attraction, so I just want to share this with you guys.

To attract beautiful women is way more than just saying the right words. In fact, it's hardly about words at all! The thing that matters the most is non-verbal communication. Here is what communication is divided in: 7% words, 38% tone of voice and 55% body language. That means 93% of communication is non-verbal!

But what is non-verbal communication exactly and what non-verbal communication do girls find attractive? Here is a very simple example. Take the sentence: "What a nice weather today" and say it out loud twice. Once like you actually mean it and once being sarcastic about it. Notice that when you are being sarcastic, you are using a different tone and making a different expression. That's non-verbal communication! I'm not saying you should be sarcastic to attract beautiful women, because that is not what girls find attractive. This is just an example of non-verbal communication.

Now you are probably wondering: What non-verbal communication DO girls find attractive? Take a moment to think about what girls find attractive. Picture a guy in your head that girls find attractive. How does he stand? How does he walk? How does he talk? etc. Guys that girls find attractive do everything a little slower than the average person. They walk slower, they talk slower and when they stand or sit they take up more space than the average person. Believe it or not, that is what girls find attractive.

If you want to attract beautiful women, you need become a more confident person. The great thing about our bodies is that it works in two ways. When you feel an emotion, your body language changes accordingly. Also when you change your body language, your emotions change accordingly. This is a great thing you can put to your advantage to attract beautiful women!

Do this exercise yourself: Stand up and obtain a very insecure and timid stance. You can try hunching a little or letting your head down. Soon enough you will feel insecure and timid. Now change your stance to how an attractive guy would stand. Roll your shoulders back, thrust your hips forward and put your chest out. Take up more space then you are used to. If you stand like that for just a few minutes, you will start to feel confident and secure. Confidence is what girls find attractive, so it is very important to feel confident if you want to attract beautiful women.

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