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Thread: Hot neighbours

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    Default Hot neighbours

    Hot house of girls about 4 doors down from me, was going to say hi when i saw them but they havent been around much lately, only really see them through their living room window! Any ideas to open? Would go say hi but it feels a bit needy esp if im not going out myself, not having any parties at ours coz its quite small.

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    Default Re: Hot neighbours

    OK, super easy open (though Step 1 is not really legal) ... Step 1 - get a piece of mail out of their mailbox. Bring it to them that night, saying it got dropped off in your mailbox. You can be a little funny about it, joking that you have enough bills of your own without the mailman trying to get you to pay theirs. Beyond that, don't push too hard, but it makes the introduction. From there, you can slowly build rapport as you see each other (not to mention being able to recognize them without being creepy), and you have a conversation starter for later.

    Step 2 is to throw a party. Invite a few friends, and them. Now you've got the situation where (if they come) you can actually start to work your pickup. You can skip step 1 if you get a chance to break the ice another way, or you can skip it altogether if youre comfortable going up to them and just inviting them.

    I used the party as a way to instant-date my neighbor when she (HB8) and her friend (HB9) invited me to our apartment pool with them (I opened them when I saw them talking and referenced an earlier time my neighbor had been locked out of her car). While at the pool, I texted another neighbor and suggested we fry some fish and invite some friends over. In short, I threw an entire party to kiss close my neighbor. Probably would have gone farther, but she ended up deciding that she didnt need to get involved with a recently divorced guy.

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    Default Re: Hot neighbours

    A couple of years ago, I went to an unfamiliar city to visit a friend. My friend's house was in a neighborhood where all the houses were exactly the same. His next door neighbors were three very attractive young women. I talked to them briefly before my friend and I hit the bars. They told me they were under the legal drinking age and weren't going to the bars, but were just going to stay in. It was a schoolnight, after all.

    At the bars, I got seperated from my friend. Got completely inebriated and lost. After a couple of hours, I tried to find his house. I got there and the door was locked. I banged on the door and called my friend over and over. Eventually, I got pissed off and kicked the door several times until the door broke and I could get in.

    I turned on the light to find three very angry, attractive females. They assisted me to my friend's house. We found the door unlcoked and a blanket and pillow on the couch waiting for me. In case I hadn't completely blown my chances with all three of them, I became sick and began projectile vomiting on the living room floor.

    The landlord thought it was hilarious and made me buy a new door and the materials to fix the door frame. My friend got laid out of it when he went over and apologized for my behavior.
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