One night I was thinking to myself a different way to approach a girl... Better yet, a group of girls. I've only tested this once and I was alone. I haven't tried this approach with a wing man by my side to accompany the other girls in a group. However, when I tested this, I ended up talking to all three girls and easily got the two girls numbers that didn't have a boyfriend.

I'm going to share this method I used in hopes of a little bit of constructive criticism (as I've thought out possibilities to what may happen unsuccessfully to potentially turn it into a success.) On top of that, if anyone does use it, feedback would be great as well.

First and foremost you have to be able to handle a harsh answer, or the fear of rejection must simply be washed from your mind. Prepare to hear that you aren't "physically attractive" to the girl because you're going to ask them directly.

Now for the approach:
There's a group of girls (and/or a single girl) at a local bar, club, or anywhere social. You're interested in one or two of them and you're alone so usually you're a little more nervous about one of the girls pulling the other away. For my approach I used the opinionated approach where I ask their opinion, however, I asked what their first opinions are of me.

It sounded something like this:
"Hi, my name is Mark. I had to introduce myself and you girls seemed like the perfect candidates to answer a question I've been pondering all day. Are you up for it?"

With a curious laugh they said ok. So then I asked:
"Girls always judge guys from a distance, and sometimes hope for an approach. Then they judge them and try guessing his character based off of his approach. Assuming I only introduced myself and moved onto a different topic, what kind of guy were you assuming I was. What do you see in me so far?"

Being at a local bar this was successful in a flirty way right off the bat. They noted in their answer my confidence and even added in that I was "kinda cute." Once I heard that I laughed. They asked me what was so funny and I replied:
"Kinda? What's kinda cute mean?"

Of course their answer started off with "I don't know" but lead into some flawed theory in which I interrupted after enough information to say (teasingly) that they were "kinda cute too" Once they attached to my personality and seen my sense of humor I told them I was sticking around for one more drink and asked if they'd join me. They accepted and I held conversation with them until my drink was gone. Said it was nice meeting them and that I hoped to see them back at the bar. Same time same place. That's when they ended up saying to me that we should exchange numbers and all meet up again.

Since then I've played the text game, and even gone out with one of them. The third one, the one with the boyfriend, she didn't seem to mind my company either. I didn't have any issue with her trying to pull her friends away using this approach because I never mentioned anything sexual or any subliminal hints that I wanted to score. Matter of fact, I didn't score anything other than numbers that night.

So... Input would be great, and I do encourage others to try this too. Obviously I'll be continuing to try this myself since it has worked 1/1 times for me so far.