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    pua123 Guest

    Default canned material doesnt work for me HELP!

    hey guys, i can see this site is very active, i'm sure this opener has been used before. "hey guys, i can only stay a sec cause i have to get back to my friends, but i want a quick female opinion, my friend bobby has just broke up with his g/f, how long do you think its acceptable until he start dating one of her friends."

    let me just say i appraoched about 10 sets, and didnt get great responce with this. then i usually go into. "hey guys i read an article the other day, did you know that 93% of women masturbate in the shower and the other 7% sing. do you know what they sing (they say no) o... you must be the other 93% the."

    lets just say that lil joke should be called blow out material i think its extremly funny, and i've seen it work, it must just be the way im saying it for sure.

    however i started just saying hi to girls with very good vibe. i had a geniune smile when i did this and was amazed. maybe my canned material doesnt work in high energy clubs? im a bit baffled by it. i thought it might just be good to come up with cnf openers and have fun. and i know that body language and voice tone are the main things. so saying a cnf opener like, "excuse me, i know you like me, but please dont make it look so obvious." or "hi i appreciate the interest, but please stop undressing me with your eyes."

    what you think guys? really appreciate feedback

    thanx guys.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: canned material doesnt work for me HELP!

    congruence. Your vibe has gotta match what you're saying. you cant read them like a line, you have to LIVE them. practice lots, and own them. make them YOUR statements. read up on mystery methods congruence.

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