day game, in contrast to club game, is more controlled in a somewhat watered-down and boring way. However, it's one of the best methods to meet women and refine your approach if you're a man on the move.

Although both are an extension of each other, and I previously preferred club game, I'm finding myself to prefer day game lately. I attend a large university, and find quick interactions with girls to be more convenient than shaping my weekends around going out.

Recently I've been interested in improving my day game, and I've tried some tactics and routines that I more often use in nightclub settings. Here are the things I tried, followed by some results I got:

1. Dynamic Approach
I approached sets with very high energy to gauge their initial reactions and later, the ease of escalation. I found this to be effective when dealing with girls preoccupied by something (texting, music) and gave me an instant "in" as long as it was followed by something exciting. With sets without preoccupations, this still worked to command their attention towards me.

2. Heavy Kino
This is usually preached against by many PUAs for the reason, primarily, that the girls ain't drunk. I found heavy kino to ONLY work when it doesn't violate social norms. This means, it didn't work to my advantage when the girl was with friends, in plain sight of many strangers, or when I advanced too much without acceptable reason. This DID work when I escalated smoothly following Gambler's nightclub escalation with faked secrecy, when I used my ON gambit (more ON this later, haha) and foremost, when I went on an Instant Date with the girl and escalated away from people.

3. Hard C&F
Occasionally in clubs, I'd do more Cocky/Funny or otherwise, Cocky/Playful than my comfort levels would permit in a daytime setting. Maybe for good reason, because some stuff that passes easily in clubs doesn't work in day game, no matter how strong I set my frame prior to doing so. I got really mixed reactions, but it seems that C&F is fun for girls, as long as it isn't too harsh. One thing it did for me, though, is that their reactions IMMEDIATELY SCREENED OUT INSECURE GIRLS for me. They wouldn't take any, as opposed to the friendlier and more stable girls being able to laugh about themselves more comfortably.

In conclusion, with the right amount of experience and calibration, and by holding a frame of mind that "I'm out to have fun whenever, wherever, with whomever, but can you handle me?" almost all this stuff works. It's not really necessary to differentiate between daytime and club game, although knowing the rules that govern the interactions are always great.