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    headsmoke Guest

    Default How do I approach this situation? *High School*

    Girl is a freshman, i'm a sophmore. The girl is really really popular, around 10 guys are into her and some of them are pretty cool. (Some are my friends). None of them have gotten too serious with her. One is getting close and i'm pretty interested into testing my ability. Now enough about her, heres the problem.

    I have no classes with her. I don't exactly wish for my friends to know i'm going to gun for her yet. I need to start a conversation with her quickly before its too late. I don't wish to approach her randomly like some creep. Neither do I wish to make it look like i'm too interested in her because it's sort of a turn off. In popularity wise i'm pretty messed up. I used to have high profile super popular friends. But a couple of them got pretty pissed with me seducing their girls when I didn't mean to. And with high school peer pressure starts and soon everyone thinks i'm no good. I made sure though I still had a nice amount of friends about 50-75 or so to back me up in case this happened. So I guess i'm in a mixed situation, some people hate me/dislike me some are cool with me. Here's my other problem, the 3 of the girl's best friends are my ex-girlfriends... Due to the nature of the "popular girls" I know for a fact that before she really is interested in me she will talk with her bffs and figure some stuff about me which in my case wont help me at all unless she wants to play me for her friends or wants to see why they all dislike me and why they all dated me before.

    Anyone have a solution for this problem?

    Sorry if there was some bragging in the context, not bragging was intended. I was just giving out my background.

    EDIT: Our school's having a 5 day weekend this week and the week after the next so I sort of want to get to know her well enough to talk to her online so I don't waste those precious days and give it to some other guy to take for granted.

    A plan I had was to approach this girl was to go to her with a friend when shes at her locker and say "hi, today's talk to a stranger day, so hello. My name is _____ whats yours?" But i found that one to be a little bit awkward and weird and its like 99% certainty that i'm hitting on her and most girls see that as a turn off. I think at least.

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    AKSing Guest

    Default Re: How do I approach this situation? *High School*

    You need to stop over thinking this whole situation and just approach her. don't worry about what the best opener is when approaching because ur mind thinks the best when its forced to in a potentially embarrassing situation. as far as her best friends go, just do ur thing, dont worry about what they might say to the girl ur interested in. if she likes u, she will dismiss any and all things that her friends tell her. back when i was in high school i used to over think situations and it just made it worse. so DONT THINK…DO!

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