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    AKSing Guest

    Default After the approach?

    So today I went to go watch a movie at the theatre with my friend and I saw a cute girl who was working behind the front desk selling the tickets. I figured I should just approach before i started to over think it; so i did. after i approached, we started talking about something movie related and i was just throwing out some playful negs during the convo, she tried to convince that some movie is really great and that i have to watch it and give it a chance. i told her "i dunno... i'll get back to you on that" (i was runnin late for the movie). when i was walking away she yells out to me "i'll be here everyday!"

    So anyways, the girls kinda cute and she seemed to show some interest. if i do go back; when should i go back? and how should i proceed with that?

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    Default Re: After the approach?

    haha well its however you make ur frame and how you run your game. you could come back in the next day or two saying you were worried for ur safety cause u thought she was going to stalk you if you didnt come back. then if she asks why just say u had a stalker look on ur face when u said "ill be here everyday" so to endulge you in ur butt staring time i would come by and say hey. haha boom instant game right there. could probably meet up after her shift is done and go out. if she was working around 3-4. go to a movie around 4-5 or so and then maybe if she gets out she can join u in the movie after then go out and do something. theres so many ways to do it especially since she showed lots of interest when saying that.

    just be creative and run solid game with a few playful negs and ur set to go.

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    symphd Guest

    Default Re: After the approach?

    Crobinson you beat me to this one, too :P

    Something that worked for me, just be straight out with it: "Is that your boyfriend?" (Point to random guy) Her: "No, why?" "Just makin sure you're not pissing him off by flirting with me. I gotta go - are you going to ask me for my number or what?" - something to that effect. It might seem dumb, but it works.

    And something else that is pretty hit or miss (I'd say 50/50). Real simple: Me: Are you single? (Without having talked to the girl) Her: Yes. Me: Grab a drink sometime? Her: Ok. Number is --------. Me: Great. (walk away -- wait awhile to text her. Never give YOUR number.) KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid. If you're struggling, go back to the basics and work on it from there.


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