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    pua123 Guest

    Default what openers work on the 10's?????

    hey guys. what would be good openers on 9/10's walking past in a nightclub? they dont seem to respond to opinion openers soo much for e.g. "hey guys quick question, why does it go downhill after marriage? is it the womans fault? "
    do you think thats good opener to use?
    my friend said that opinion openers dont really work in clubs because its not high energy enough. is this true.
    if so what would be good openers to use?
    i was thinking about a passing neg to the hot girls and see if that captures their attention. do you think thats a good idea?

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    lil7tmac Guest

    Default AFC as a pawn or wingman

    All my boys are in serious relationships and do not want to go out anymore. So last night I said fuck it I can do this myself I donít need a wing man and I stumbled onto and idea I went out at 145 the bars closed at 3 I ran into an AFC that I know from work and asked if he wanted to wingman he was down he said his weak point was the introís or opening setís no problem that my strong point I thought this could work so I open the sets with two HB-7-9 to start things off, I talked to the hb-7 and ran my neg on the hb-9 to see what her ioiís where I introduced my wingman to the hb-9 and continued to talk to the hb-7 little did I know the hb-9 was feeling more and more than normal not because of the negís but because I looked like a true alpha male my wingman was using pointless lineís like whatí s gone on, how long you lived here, you like the Indiana weather, I was just running my game on the hb-7 when talking to with the hb-7 the hb-9 would try and join the convo every 30 because she wasnít feeling my so called wingman. Now in leaving me and the hb-7 traded numbers and while I was giving the hb-7 my number I told the hb-9 to take mine down too so the hb-7 wouldnít lose it. So now me and my wingman move onto the next setís and so on. In the quick hour of running sets I had 5 numbers to his 0 and in every set I used the same closing trading numbers with the hb-7ís and then telling the hb-9ís to take mine down to so the hb-7 doesnít lose it.
    Now the good stuff after the bars closed down I got text from 2 of the 5 hb-9ís wanting to hangout and in both texts they said lose your friend and just come hangout with me tonight lol, with these hb-9ís I didnít run many negís on them or do anything different than any other night so I could fig out why this night it worked so well to have an afc as a wingman so I went home with one of the hb that I felt was more dtf and lined the other up the other hb for a week night hangout
    Now my question is it a good move to use a afc as a pawn I feel like I broke guy code because he didnít score any number and was my wingman, but at the same time I feel like it worked out better for me than any other night because him being a true afc increased my image as an alpha male and the hb-9ís where more into me because they got stuck with the afc and that never happens to them I mean what girl wants to bone the backup when they can bone the starter lol what are your thoughts PUAís

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    pua123 Guest

    Default Re: what openers work on the 10's?????

    lol you just stomped all over my thread mate :P you seem knowledgble, fancey a go at answering my q's :P

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    lil7tmac Guest

    Default Re: what openers work on the 10's?????

    my bad man i didnt mean to post it on here

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    lil7tmac Guest

    Default Re: what openers work on the 10's?????

    but to answer your question when their is a 9-10 their is a 7-8 or better yet a 5-6 in the bunch becouse girls dont go out alone lol so when i open my set i focus my attetion on the 7-8 i use a neg on the 9 -10 but a playful neg towards her then focus back on the 7-8 and carry on the coversation, this is a good move i feel becouse you are going to get the 7-8's number with easy now how do you get the 9-10 you dont when you are giving the HB-7-8 my number tell the hb-9-10 to take yours down too so the hb-7-8 wouldn’t lose it. and leave with a neg like dont blow me up i like this move becouse every dude ask for the 9-10's number all night and if she give's it out she wont answer or rely to their message but she has mine so if she does text me or i run into her agian on the dance floor or another night she will remember me and when she hits you up their are high level's of ioi's........... something like that more times than not the hb 9-10 has texted the next day or later in the week

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    Default Re: what openers work on the 10's?????

    Well it sounds like your trying to can to much here. I honestly don’t think your gonna get a lot of feedback here on canned material just cause most of us here don’t use it. Most of us use a more natural game situational, or direct openers. It’s just another method, but the preferred of most of the regulars around here.
    Openers are really a matter of state. What kind of state the woman is in, what kind of state are you in. A woman who is in a very open state with a lot of situational arousal is going to be easy to open. She is going to be warm, and wanting to talk to people. Now a woman who is closed off, and is shut down is going to be hard to open. A neg to her would just piss her off. The trick is to go into a set a slightly higher energy level then your target. You do this so you can lead the interaction and guide her to your state. You have to be ready and willing to adjust to the situation and as they say in chess, see the whole board.
    Opening is easy. I could train a monkey to open so don’t get all wrapped up in it. Just do it, and go with it. Keep in mind you can warm sets with things like eye contact, and body language. This gets deeper into theory but it’s a great way to “preopen” a set.

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    pua123 Guest

    Default Re: what openers work on the 10's?????

    thanks guys i appreciate that feedback. that was great

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    nik's Avatar
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    Default Re: what openers work on the 10's?????

    There is nothing I can tell you that won't fail more than it will work, but they are really fun!

    Yell at them.

    If I see a smokin' hottie walk by, I may do one of a these things:
    -Yell, "HEY!" Usually, they will stop and look at you. Pretend you were talking to someone else and give them crap for thinking the world revolved around them.
    -Tap them on the shoulder and yell, "excuse you!"
    -Put your hand out in their path or on the small of their back as they walk by. Say, "excuse me". When they stop and look at you, tell them, "I changed my mind" and start to look away, disinterested.
    -Put your hand up and say, "high five!" When they go to high five you, yell, "You're hot!"
    Last edited by nik; 11-15-2010 at 10:20 AM.
    I have failed more than most men have tried.

    Every woman you pass up is a woman you will never have.

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    TheWolf69 Guest

    Default Re: what openers work on the 10's?????

    Walk up to them immediately & say Hi, My name is (your name here), or if they are walking by just firmly say "Hey You" in an authoritative yet playful manner. You just have to own it.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Thumbs up Re: what openers work on the 10's?????

    Quote Originally Posted by pua123 View Post
    lol you just stomped all over my thread mate :P you seem knowledgble, fancey a go at answering my q's :P
    my God this made my day. I lul about 30 seconds!!! still laughing. damn. this will be a classic.

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