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    lil7tmac Guest

    Default AFC as a pawn or wingman

    All my boys are in serious relationships and do not want to go out anymore. So last night I said fark it I can do this myself I donít need a wing man and I stumbled onto and idea I went out at 145 the bars closed at 3 I ran into an AFC that I know from work and asked if he wanted to wingman he was down he said his weak point was the introís or opening setís no problem that my strong point I thought this could work so I open the sets with two HB-7-9 to start things off, I talked to the hb-7 and ran my neg on the hb-9 to see what her ioiís where I introduced my wingman to the hb-9 and continued to talk to the hb-7 little did I know the hb-9 was feeling more and more than normal not because of the negís but because I looked like a true alpha male my wingman was using pointless lineís like whatí s gone on, how long you lived here, you like the Indiana weather, I was just running my game on the hb-7 when talking to with the hb-7 the hb-9 would try and join the convo every 30 because she wasnít feeling my so called wingman. Now in leaving me and the hb-7 traded numbers and while I was giving the hb-7 my number I told the hb-9 to take mine down too so the hb-7 wouldnít lose it. So now me and my wingman move onto the next setís and so on. In the quick hour of running sets I had 5 numbers to his 0 and in every set I used the same closing trading numbers with the hb-7ís and then telling the hb-9ís to take mine down to so the hb-7 doesnít lose it.
    Now the good stuff after the bars closed down I got text from 2 of the 5 hb-9ís wanting to hangout and in both texts they said lose your friend and just come hangout with me tonight lol, with these hb-9ís I didnít run many negís on them or do anything different than any other night so I could fig out why this night it worked so well to have an afc as a wingman so I went home with one of the hb that I felt was more dtf and lined the other up the other hb for a week night hangout

    Now my question is it a good move to use a afc as a pawn I feel like I broke guy code because he didnít score any number and was my wingman, but at the same time I feel like it worked out better for me than any other night because him being a true afc increased my image as an alpha male and the hb-9ís where more into me because they got stuck with the afc and that never happens to them I mean what girl wants to bone the backup when they can bone the starter lol what are your thoughts PUAís

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    Default Re: AFC as a pawn or wingman

    well actually its not breaking bro code cause ur helping him out. ur giving him really hot women to talk to and if he doesnt close well then its his fault. but yes it is going to help you cause just like u said, it shows that ur a true alpha and it helps your frame as an alpha especially if he is just doing everything you want to do!
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    Default Re: AFC as a pawn or wingman

    exactly what i was thinking crob. Just keep in mind and make sure he knows his role. And if he wants to learn, you need to teach him. If you are gonna use him as a pawn then you should at least be willing to do that.

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    Default Re: AFC as a pawn or wingman

    Sentences and paragraphs make posts much easier to read. Especially, on mobile devices.

    While it worked great once, you will burn through wingmen who will likely turn into cock-blocks. Help him get the seven and take the nine. If you are the alpha, the women will see that.

    ____________________ _________
    A little over a year ago, I was in Colorado with a friend. We were visiting a friend of his who was not present during this exchange. It was a nightclub with a large dance floor and great drink specials. Several hundred people were on the dance floor and a few hundred more were scattered around the bar. We were at a table between the bar and the dance floor.

    I had spent the nine hour drive teaching my friend how I picked up women. He had a lot of questions after seeing me take home a young virgin a month before our trip. I had even got him a woman that night, but for some reason, he decided not to do anything with her and took her home, awkwardly, at 4:00 in the morning.

    I saw a very attractive young woman waiting in line at the bar. She had an "x" on each hand indicating she was younger than the drinking age. I pointed her out to my friend and gave him a couple of good openers. He eventually tugged his sack and approached her. He was doing everything right until he ran out of things to say. I saw him say, verbatim, the things I had told him to say. She responded favorably, but he stopped talking and they just stared at each other strangely until my friend disengaged and walked, very awkwardly, back to the table. I waved at the woman and got a quick report. He told me he froze and didn't know what to say.

    About thirty minutes later, I was on the way back from the bathroom and saw the woman sitting at a table with two other women and a young man. All of them appeared to be under twenty-one.

    I approached her and introduced myself. It was at this time, that I came up with my best opener, right out of the blue. I threw it in with a series of other openers. I will not put them on a forum.

    I asked her to introduce me to everyone at the table. The guy was her brother, which I always assume until proven otherwise. This guy really was her brother. Her and her two friends were taking him out for his eighteenth birthday. He was a veritable loser with no friends of his own. Wigger clothes, except he wasn't trying to dress that way. From a distance, no one would ever know the young woman I was opening and this guy were related. She was very well put together and spoke well. He was completely the opposite. Possibly even slightly mentally handicapped.

    I pointed to my friend and asked her what she thought of him. We all laughed about him trying to hit on her and I chatted up the group a bit before suggesting the brother accompany me to my table to meet my friend. This allowed a few things. I was able to find out what the brother's status was with women. I was able to bring my friend into a group, and I was able to leave the women alone to discuss me. Everything had gone well and I knew the friends would encourage the woman to pursue me. Plus, they still had to talk to me some more because I had taken the brother away.

    The brother told me he really liked one of the women, but was too shy to act on it. Us guys sat at my table for a while talking. I got as many details as possible from him. I gave the brother and my friend some ideas on how we were going to work these women. After the huddle, we went to the table with the women. I took charge of the group and pushed the other two guys forward with the pre-chosen women. Some physical placement of the brother's body was necessary before I settled in by his sister.

    We spent the next several moments talking at the table and wandering around the establishment. Eventaully, the other guys started getting into the groove. We all went on the dance floor. We danced as a group and as couples. I had to physically drag the brother onto the dance floor and call him out, but he was glad I did. We switched partners some so I could get a feel for what the other guys, mainly the brother, needed to do next.

    When I found something that could help them, I usually just said it in front of the group. It wasn't a secret the others were not good with women and it made them act or look like more of a chump. Plus, the women would agree and assist, if necessary.

    From the moment I returned to the women's table, I wore a scarf she had been wearing and held her hand or found another way to maintain physical contact the entire time. I had her wait for me outside of the bathroom and waited for her, but not by the door, like when she waited for me.

    The woman I was interested in pulled me aside as we were walking, hand-in-hand. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for helping her brother. She was almost crying she was so happy. I could have died a very happy man. It feels better to help others than it does to help yourself. Especially, when they are reaching new heights and you are just out another night. She told me how guys had tried to use her brother as a pawn before, but none had actually cared. My genuine help to make his life better meant more to her than anything else I could have done or said.

    The brother did not have a realistic chance with the woman he liked, but the club was full of cowards and guys who had to be completely sloshed to try to talk to women. (I did intercept a few possible interferences.) To the woman he liked, he was sure better than sitting around talking to her girlfriends, alone, at the table. This is something many guys don't understand. Women don't go to clubs to be alone with the girls. They don't get dressed up to not get hit on. They don't go to a place with a huge dance floor to watch other people dance. Even a sub-par guy with some gumption is better than a preferred guy with no balls.

    The brother had the best time he had ever had. He found a new confidence no one believed he could posses.

    My friend ended up bombing with his woman, in the end.

    I did well at the bar, but was unable to see her again. She texted me several times the next day, but the logistics of being in an unknown area with major scheduling conflicts didn't allow another personal contact. I still have her number and will get ahold of her when I'm back in the area.

    Consider how much weight I would already pull with the parents after they heard how good the brother's birthday went. Powerful stuff.
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