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    Default awkward problem...

    I've been seeing a girl for around 4 months now, we will meet up about once a week for a date and every other week after a night out. She will come back to my place everytime we meet up. Although we seem to only have sex after the nights out, probably because after a night out im drunk but i just find it hard to escalate into something sexual when we are just watching t.v chilling out on the couch? any tips on how this can be done?

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    Default Re: awkward problem...

    If shes there with you, she likes you. She wants you to kiss her. Make sure you constantly remind yourself that girls want sex more than you do and you know their dirty little secret. Keep that frame of mind at all times.

    If you have already had sex with her it shouldnt be an issue to cuddle up next to her while you are chilling on the couch. Just sit next to her, put your arm around her and relax. Its what she wants you to do. Once you are close to her its not a far leap to kissing and then escalation into anything else. You can kiss her by putting your hand under her chin and turning her head to kiss her. If you want to take the fast route after that and *you are hard* just take her hand and put it on your dick.

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