Ok, HEY, this is my first post so I would just like to say, well, HEY, this is what happened tonight:

I've meet a girl at the line at the bar. I notice that she had a quick glance my way so thought I should go for it. I opened with "Can I ask you a quick question, is this too short (pointing at my hair which has just recently been buzzed but to a 3). We talked, we ordered our drinks, and I said that I would make sure I see her before I leave (we were in two different areas of the bar).

About 20-30 minutes later I decide, now is the time to follow up. I find her sitting with about 3 guys and another girl(the girls were both sitting close but across the table from each other). I approach an tap the target on the left shoulder, and her friend (the girl across the table) looks at me. I say something to her and start talking and then the target turns to me and says "HI". we talk quickly and I mention that I said I wouldn't leave without speaking to her. I'm introduce to the two guys that she is talking to (I think they weren't happy about my approach) and we keep chatting.

After about 5 minutes chatting to both the friend and the target I find myself right next to the target, basically rubbing my shoulder against her back but I am talking across the table to her friend. I stand up at this point and say to the friend "you guys are really fun and we should hang out some time". This is where I'm fucked and need some answers, I get the friends number but I don't want to try and get with her! So I leave with the friends number, peck on the cheek for both the target and friend.

Question is this, how do I take the friends number and get a second shot with the target? I think I've shot myself in the foot! The target seemed keen and was happy that I approached again and made sure she said good-bye when I left!

Also, I've read a bit of the forums and I've got to say, from an AFC that I was maybe 6 months ago, I'm seeing this stuff working and it is giving me a new sense of self that I never knew! Thanks to everybody!!!!