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    Unhappy Am I becoming alpha male?

    I have improved my life and my friends think that "Im the guy who gets laid" They have said about it. But... My problem is that just random dudes in the clubs start fuck with me (im not an evil guy, but some guys in clubs are very pricks for me) Some babes who are 10, just start conversations with me, are very evil against me. They give IOIs and "they act that they wanna talk with me" and they still keep conversation on. Is such kind of thin ghappening alpha males? Why people are bad for me, do they sense that i
    m alpha? How to manage girls or men like that? Please give tips for me :s

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    fr0sti Guest

    Default Re: Am I becoming alpha male?

    my advice would be to take this as a compliment; maybe they are threatened by you....if so read up on amoging.....just search the forums here for this term and what to do about it.

    take care.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Am I becoming alpha male?

    I think AMOG'ing is almost more fun than sarging. Some hints for amoging

    Keep pretending like you're just trying to be his friend in a sarcastic way.
    Whenever threatened, respond sarcastically with "ohhhh nooo" and such things.
    Look at the girls in the group and give them the SAME LOOK they give each other when a weird guy is around they want to leave.
    Ask the girls "is he always like this?"

    Basically, AMOG'ing is the art of wisecracking. I am a wisecrack by nature, so I love it. I do honestly try to befriend guys first though - you don't want to AMOG some dude who doesn't deserve it. He has to basically do/say things that say "AMOG ME I AM A JERK" before you kick into AMOG mode.

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    chulin Guest

    Default Re: Am I becoming alpha male?

    waddap newbee
    i also think the AMOG's feel threatened by u. amog's have the urge to b the dominant one order to deal with them you could turnn watever comment bout u into a joke like u mad cool u dont wanna pick a fight . if they start gettin physical turn it on em like they gay or sum still in a funny manner. if they continue or things scalate then flip on em by stayin calm n pokin fun at em n itd make it seem like they tryin to hard to get attention or validation from the girls ..give the girl a look n move to a diff spot

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