This is a powerful attraction gambit which provides an in depth cold read material based on the answer to seven targeted questions. Here is a run through of the logic behind the questions:

  • 1st question: how much do you need to be in contact with people?

This identifies wether the person is introverted or extraverted

  • 2nd question: Do you enjoy soap operas?

This is to establish wether the person is emotional or rational. People who enjoy soap operas are emotional because they do not need finality in their viewing experience, as such the story is not as important as the emotions experienced. People who are rational have a hard time with anything that doesn’t have a beginning and an end.

  • 3rd question: Do you consider yourself a skeptical?

This identifies wether a person has internal or external frame of reference. It also assesses how much it takes to make that person change her mind.

  • 4th question: Do you make lists?

This establishes what kind of organizational framework the person is comfortable with. Some people need a formal structure and are incapable of dealing with the unexpected, other people dislike any kind of planning and are more effective at improvising and adapting dynamically.

  • How much do you need a leader?

This assesses a person’s directive potential. Usually gurls will not have a strong urge to lead because they are genetically programmed to be dominated. Therefore if you use the test classify the gurl accordingly regardless of what she answers.

  • Do you like Science Fiction?

This identifies wether a person is unidimensional (not able to relate to concepts which are not anchored to reality) or multidimensional (able to conceptualize alternate realities, and able to “see the big picture”). Gurls are usually unidimensional.

  • Are these 2 images similar or different?

This question is designed to find out if a person is critical in their outlook. People who point out differences require a very different communication style than those who identify similarities.

I use an app called Identities on my Iphone to compile the results. I ask a gurl if she wants to play “the 7 questions game”. I tell her that based on her answers to just seven questions I can teach her a lot about herself. I do the profile on her, then I save it for future reference cos its gonna guide how I communicate with her in the future. I go for automatic email close, the app has a feature whereas you can email the profile so I have her type in her email address, works every time. Not only did I get her email, I spiked her BT by feeding her chick crack, I have a roadmap to improve rapport in all my future communications with her, and I found a great opportunity to transition to comfort by talking about her personality.