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    Default New Forum: Attract More Women

    Whoever has the most posts.... these can be thread starts or even answer to other threads from now until Sunday (11/28) will receive a free copy of my product "The Vibe".

    Remember the posts have to be relevant to the subject" How To Attract Women".


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    fr0sti Guest

    Default Re: New Forum: How To Attract Women

    There are so many variables in attracting women. I will talk about my experience regarding the first couple minutes of interacting with a girl (even if its not verbal). I look at the first couple minutes, as Tynan put it, as "advertising" yourself. The goal is to look not be creepy and to set yourself apart from other guys, making memorable, and possibly "worth getting to know" her mind.

    Social Proof
    As soon as i enter a venue, i open the FIRST set i see; it doesnt matter if its guys, girls, old people or 2 dudes making out...this gets me in a social groove with high energy, and ppl (women) notice you being social. I usually just ask what they are drinking, or what specials there are...anything casual, just to talk, just to be seen everyone else, it looks like you know these people, that helps build social proof. Social proof shows women that you are not creepy...that you are well-liked...that you are worth people's time...that you are confident...and that you are probably fun. I usually work the room until i start getting ioi's from several sets of girls, then i go open my experience they are much warmer and dont have their Bitch Shield up if youve build enough social proof. A lot of times, they will open me.

    Body Language
    Posture is huge....back straight, no slouching, chest puffed out ever so slightly, hands down at your sides, never in pockets, if holding a drink, dont hold it in front of your chest like a shield...hold it down by your hip. They say that body language is the largest component in communication. Dont face her until she faces you...facing her straight on right away comes off too aggressive in most cases...but once she turns to you (IOI) you are welcome to turn towards her and continue.... Read articles on this. There are lots of tips out there

    Be well-kempt. Girls like to see that guys have respect for themselves and that they treat themselves as such (clean-shaven, product in hair, no wrinkled clothes, well-fitting clothes, etc.).

    This can be a lot of fun...

    This refers to your tone of voice and the tempo of it...dont talk to fast, you appear nervous and like you you dont have anything interesting to say so you need to say it quickly so that ppl will listen....dont be monotone....your voice should rise and fall depending on what youre saying...

    That's all for now...this has all helped for me....but the main thing that has helped is PRACTICE...there is no substitute for EXPERIENCE...go out there and practice!!!

    - Fr0sti

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    Default Re: New Forum: How To Attract Women

    haha well personally i wont lie i think its doubtful for somebody to have more posts than me because some of my posts are unrelevant but im guessing i have hundreds of posts. so lets give it to second place!
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    Brian Palmer Guest

    Default Re: New Forum: How To Attract Women

    I found this forum in Google, and I am glad to discuss and share these tips
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