I started commenting on these boards about a month ago. At the time I was trying to learn game, but I couldn't even get myself to approach girls and every rejection made it that much harder. I decided to break through my shyness by getting outrageously drunk and having a buddy coach me in my blacked out state. This actually worked amazingly well and I danced with any and every female creature within twenty feet of the dance floor.

Of course, no pickups were made since my BAC was above a .20 every night. However, at the end of this experiment I can now enter a bold state at will and approach women fearlessly. Tonight there were four girls (two 5's and two 7's) dancing together and I was able to approach and dance with three of them stone cold sober. During the last month I was also able to overcome a bad relapse of oneitis.

I am now comfortable approaching women and actually motivated to do so. What comes next? I realized tonight that I've been going to the bar with the expectation to have sex, which puts a lot of pressure on my interactions and I'm sure I come off a little bit shallow and phony. I want to learn to operate naturally, to enjoy every interaction with women regardless of whether we hook up or not. I also realize it's a numbers game and I need to approach more than three women in a night (and actually talk rather than just dance).

The bars are super loud and I'm not really sure how to start a conversation if it's just going to be a shouting match. I like the idea of opening with "hi" and trying to make the interaction natural, but I'm not sure how to take that and turn it sexual or use it to my advantage. Anyway, I just wanted to share my progress and ask if anybody has ideas for my next step.

As always, thanks for the advice and correction.