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    Default Negging ... good or bad?

    I read where Bill said in another thread that he never negs. I'm curious, both for Bill and the other PUA's, surely you don't mean you never playfully pick on the girl a little bit, at least enough for her to wonder whether you're interested or not? Personally, I've always found some light-hearted negs about things I knew the girl was confident were great in the comfort-building phase. For example, if the girl had a great job, I'd playfully take shots at it. I don't address appearance one way or another since the 8s or better are hearing that stuff all the time

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    Default Re: Negging ... good or bad?

    I find weird things to neg on. Por exemplo, some girl at a model UN debate I sarged a night before a debate kept helping me write something and handled some paper business for me (even though she represented an entirely different nation). I told her she was acting like my secretary, and I started bossing her around, and she just obeyed me. It was weird, and funny. She goes to my school, and last Monday she sorted on my papers on my desk for me, like a secretary, and I negged her again on the secretary thing. I have also negged this girl by calling her a whiner for complaining about some other debator being mean to her, mocking her height incessantly (She is real hot - a belly dancer in fact, but only 5' 2") by asking her if she is a dwarf or the shortest a normal human can be, and I am soon going to posted a picture of a weird looking fish on her Facebook and tell her it reminds me of her. I basically only neg this girl, she gets mad attention from guys and told me about how she was dumping this older man because she "thought he had game but he's just like the rest" - which she desribed as "dorky." negging her was the only way to put myself above her - as many PUA's and evolutionary psychologists say, women are programmed to be dominated, and often negging is the way. Other guys have told me she responds this way because she is crazy and had a bad childhood (basically, she likes abuse), but I think they're just jealous.

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    Default Re: Negging ... good or bad?

    I cant speak for Bill cause I am not him and haven’t sarged with him but I can give you my opinion on it. And it is pretty well known around here cause I have written several post about it. But basically there is a difference between busting a woman’s balls a bit, and a neg by definition. Of course I tease a woman. We all do, but a neg is designed to lower the woman’s value. And my opinion is if I need to lower her value in order to make my value look higher then its not worth it and its just a sham. Id much rather be really high value and portray that. Teasing a woman is flirting, a neg is lowering her value.

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