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Thread: Solo-Sarging

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    Raven Guest

    Default Solo-Sarging

    Hey guys, sometimes, during the week, I get a crazy urge to go sarge when there's no one to wing or hang out with. What are the best kinds of locations for going solo? I am thinking bookstores and Starbucks. Does anyone have any ideas for approaching in bookstores?

    Also, does anyone know how to sarge a cashier? I liked what Tyler Durden did with the mall cashier chick in The Game. The problem with cashier sarging is you have a limited time, particularly if there is a line, but I always get ioi's from cashiers/barrista's in Starbucks (and I'm sure it's not a customer service thing, I am not that naive) but I have no idea how to handle it, so I just take my coffee and go. I can't just ask them what they think about magic spells.



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    Default Re: Solo-Sarging

    if i solo during the week i like to hit the hotels. Lots of single women alone. Give it a try, works out well for SNLs, just be aware of foolsmate.

    As far as the second thing, i am not good with hired hands and i would through a cashier into that role. But i can only imagine that being direct would be much better than the spells opener.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Solo-Sarging

    I never tried hotel's, there are a lot around here, so there's an idea. I have to come up with an excuse at to why I'm there, then again, my greatest sarging night of all time was in a hotel bar, so perhaps that's my excuse - going to the bar/restaurant. Not much into SNL's, but we'll see where the night goes.

    Also good advice on the cashier thing. I am going to try that and do a report after. I have a 3 day plan in mind where I talk to one a little each day to build some kind of rapport, then go for her number. My other strat is to get one of them before lunch on a Tuesday when it's dead. Seems like one or another is always there. Maybe I can weave a Tyler Durden high-five into it for fun.

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    fr0sti Guest

    Default Re: Solo-Sarging

    Often times, my friends will take off and go home from the bars before they close....i often still want to sarge; i will go to other clubs or bars by myself...and have had some good this time, im usually high-energy and have been socializing with new ppl all it doesnt look like im there by myself, and after a few minutes i dont feel like ive been there myself....

    as for day game...

    coffee shops, malls, college campuses, bookstores, even grocery stores...just make an adventure out of it.

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